How to Make Your Own Kratom Tea

How to Make Your Own Kratom Tea

The Magic of Kratom Tea

Imagine dropping Kratom tea bags into a mug of hot water and brewing your own personal Kratom Tea. Many people who love the effects of kratom dislike the fact that they have to chew the dry powder which gets stuck in their palettes. Perhaps this is the reason why the internet is flooded with a number of Kratom recipes which are fun and innovative. However for a typical tea lover, nothing is more invigorating than sipping his/her favorite beverage and enjoying the benefits of the Kratom leaf. Whether you make Kratom with the help of tea bags or in the good old traditional way, the experience will leave you with a profound effect.

When you brew tea in the traditional way- slow boiling with water , the Kratom extract becomes more concentrated. This tea decoction is very common to the people of China and is used frequently in the preparation of Eastern medicine.  Boiling also helps to boost the effect of plant alkaloid content in every dose. The process of boiling helps the alkaloids like mitragynine to travel to cell receptors and develop a system of synergy between the nervous system and the  body. This synergy relieves the muscles of their spasms and pain, energizes the body and calms the mind. The user experiences tranquility and is able to focus sharper and reach his personal goals.

The benefits of Kratom Tea:

  • The time taken to digest is quicker than raw powders. The tongue quickly absorbs the concentrated liquid from where it travels into the stomach.
  • The effects are more naturally and gently felt in this method. There is no sudden “before and after” effects. The benefits experienced are smooth and not jerky or sharp.

Brewing Kratom Tea with Tea Bags

Although Kratom tea bags can be purchased from a number of online vendors, nothing equals the pleasure when you make your own tea. The steps below will tell you how to make your own customized tea bag:

  • Select and measure out your preferred strain of Kratom (either dried crushed leaves or powder).
  • Fill this into an empty tea bag, which are cheap and readily available in any online retail shop or health food market.
  • Place the tea bag in a mug and pour hot water into it. Take care that the water is not boiling. Let it stay for at least 3-5 minutes. During this time the Kratom will infuse with water and you will have a warm drink ready. Cover the mug with a small lid to avoid the beverage from getting cold. However while doing this remember that larger does require a shorter steeping time. That said, a few trials will show you the dosage and the steeping time that works well for you.
  • After 3-5 minutes, remove the lid, add a sweetener of your choice(sugar, stevia etc) and sip the warm liquid.

Depending upon the benefits which you want to reap, you can brew your tea using any of the popular strains. Kratom tea prepared using the Red Thai will relax you while the tea made of green Borneo will energize you. At the end of the day, Kratom tea is all about leading a holistic way of life.