Kratom Strain Review: Red Vein Thai Effects, Benefits, and Dosage

Kratom Strain Review: Red Vein Thai Effects, Benefits, and Dosage

The Red Vein Thai kratom strain or popularly known as Red Thai is one of the most well-known red vein kratom strain in the market. It became popular because it has one of the most relaxing effects among kratom strains. It can also provide you with positive emotional well-being.

Although the Red Vein Thai effects are not as energizing as the green vein kratom strain, it can give you results that last longer and can provide you with pain relief and euphoria.

What is the Red Vein Thai kratom strain?

Red Vein Thai kratom share one characteristic with other red types of kratom strains; they come from a kratom plant with reddish stems and veins on their leaves. The central vein’s color is due to the chemicals that are present in the plant.

The characteristics of kratom strains are also determined on the species of the kratom plant where the leaves were harvested.

Several kratom farmers believe that red vein kratom strains grow better and more resilient in the regions of Southeast Asia, which has the proper climate, than the other strains.

However, some reports say that there are different colors of veins that could occur in the same tree at various stages.

The red vein can be more commonly observed on younger trees because they are more vulnerable to the attack of different insects. There is also a theory that says that the coloring in the leaves occurs because of the harsh temperature and weather conditions.

Kratom is separated based on the color of their vein because kratom enthusiasts believe that the colors have a significant effect on the benefits that the kratom can give. It is thought that the Red Vein Thai effects are the best when it comes to boosting mood, relieving pain, and providing relaxation.

However, you should not expect that you would achieve all those benefits as the effects are dependent on several factors.

Your experience with Red Vein Thai kratom is dependent on the dosage, the form of kratom, the strain, your metabolism, and your overall health status.

You can combine the Red Thai with the Green Thai to achieve a balanced effect.

What are the Red Vein Thai effects?

Kratom Strain Review: Red Vein Thai Effects, Benefits, and Dosage

The effects of this strain vary for different people. It can be dependent on your biochemistry and metabolism. You should also know that people who are sensitive to kratom will feel energized by using any kratom as the kind of strain does not matter to them.

Although this strain can give you the same benefits as the Bali strain, it can offer you a more distinct effect. When compared to the Red Vein Bali, this strain is more stimulating than the latter which is sedating and gentle.

Moreover, the Red Bali can have a side effect which is nausea. Fortunately, you won’t experience this side effect with the Red Thai. Since this strain only has a few side effects, you can use it to ease your depression and anxiety.

It also has a more pronounced and defined calming effect compared to green strains of kratom.

What are the emotional effects of this strain?

Many kratom users claimed that they had felt better emotionally after using this strain. It can induce a calming effect, which is perfect for people who are suffering from depression.

What is the dosage of this strain?

The dosage that is suitable for you depends on the purpose as to why you are taking Red Thai.

If you consume 4 to 8 grams of this kratom strain, you can ease your insomnia, stress, anxiety, mood swings, and depression. You can also experience a boost in your mood as well as get a feeling of tranquility and a sense of calmness.

If you take 8 to 9 grams of this kratom strain, it can relieve pain. It can also connect directly to the opiate receptors in your brain. You should remember that you should consume this strain at a high dosage.

If you want to alleviate your eternal agonies, nervousness, and anxiety, then you should make sure that you purchase this kratom strain from credible merchants.

Make sure also to double check the qualities and guarantees of the product to avoid being tricked. You can only enjoy the Red Vein Thai effects if you purchase from a reputable vendor with a good quality product.

Tips on How You Will Get to Buy Kratom Locally

Tips on How You Will Get to Buy Kratom Locally

First Off, Where Does One Buy Kratom Locally?

Kratom is a plant used for medicinal purposes and is grown in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. These are the only places where the Kratom plant can be cultivated due to the soil and climate, so don’t expect to find a Kratom field anywhere in the United States anytime soon.

Just because Kratom does not grow in the US does not mean it has not gained popularity in the country. In fact, the wonders of this alternative remedy have spread in different parts of the world, the USA included. It’s not that easy to purchase Kratom in any drugstore or supermarket, though.

What Makes Kratom a Notable Medicinal Option?

Kratom has a multitude of benefits, and these benefits vary with the type of Kratom strains. There are just a few of the effects Kratom has when taken:

  •    Helps in regaining focus
  •    Reduces stress and anxiety in social situations
  •    Aids in promoting better sleep patterns
  •    Decreases inflammation
  •    Helps address chronic fatigue symptoms
  •    Uplifts mood and helps treat depression
  •    Improves libido

It can also cure some symptoms and illness:

  •    Treats bowel diseases like diarrhea
  •    Helps cure opium addiction

With the tremendous advantages of Kratom, it’s no surprise that its usage has increased over the years. It is also an alternative to synthetic medicines and other medications that patients do not prefer.

Kratom can be taken in powder form, diluted in water and taken as a tea, or in capsule form. It can also be chewed or smoked. Others also mix it into yogurt or baked cooks, so the taste becomes more palatable. It will all depend on how you want to consume it.

How Much Kratom Should I Take?

Tips on How You Will Get to Buy Kratom Locally

Ideally, if it is your first time to take Kratom, you should just take the lowest possible dosage. The minimum amount in powder form is 1 to 3 grams. You should first observe how your body reacts to this initial dosage before increasing your intake.

Why Is It Not That Easy to Find Kratom Products Just Anywhere?

In spite of its many advantages, it is still hard to buy Kratom locally. While it is generally legal worldwide, there are some countries that try to regulate the Kratom market. This is mostly to protect public safety, as some products are not always potent or can also be misused by consumers.

However, there are also reliable sources of Kratom products available in the United States. Some are local vitamin shops and health stores, and some are online stores. When searching where to buy Kratom locally, make sure you have also checked on the source by checking for consumer reviews and feedback.

When Buying, Don’t Judge a Kratom Package By Its Cover

The saying caveat emptor (or buyer beware) should always be taken into consideration when choosing the Kratom products you plan to buy. Be careful of packaging that has claims that seem to be overpromising or too good to be true.

Unfortunately, there are some Kratom products that do not have the necessary FDA approvals, yet, still manage to find themselves on store shelves. These are some of the reasons why Kratom products are regulated in the market; and sometimes, one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch.

When You Find What Works for You, Enjoy!

Whether you like red, green or white Kratom strains, or prefer taking the capsule or powder form, just consider that what works for others may not always have the same effects on you. Just always be responsible when taking in a new medication, whether it is Kratom or otherwise.

It is also advisable to consult a medical professional if you plan to take Kratom, especially if you are also taking other medications simultaneously. There may be contraindications when taking these meds with Kratom, so it would be best to double check with your physician before trying Kratom for the first time.

Kratom is a fascinating plant with many incredible benefits. With extensive research and product comparisons, you can eventually find the specific remedy you are looking for. If you are fortunate to be able to buy Kratom locally, it can definitely change your life for the better.

Kratom Drink: Ways to Concoct Different Variants to Enjoy It Better

Kratom Drink: Ways to Concoct Different Variants to Enjoy It Better

Kratom has a bad taste and smell, but it has incredible health benefits. As such, to make the experience more enjoyable, you can concoct a kratom drink!

Kratom in Your Morning Coffee

If you aren’t a morning person, coffee is usually your best friend. Take it up a notch by mixing kratom powder with your cup of Joe.

Here are the steps to prepare your kratom coffee:

  •    Boil one cup of water then let it cool for a maximum of two minutes
  •    Add one teaspoon of kratom with your coffee granules to ½ cup of boiled water
  •    Stir mixture until dissolved
  •    Add the other ½ cup of water

Coffee will enhance the stimulant effects of kratom. You will feel more energetic. However, you only need the energizing impact and not the sedating effect, so you must not overdose on kratom.

You can use the green or white kratom varieties for a maximum energy boost.

Kratom Tea

If you are a tea drinker and want to jumpstart your day, you can enhance your experience with kratom leaves. You can mix kratom with your favorite tea, and enjoy it either hot or iced.

Plus, if you add lemon, you will increase the potency of the alkaloids.

However, if you like Kratom the way it is – without lemon or honey, consume it as a simple cup of tea.

Boil either the kratom leaves or powder in water for at least 15 minutes. If you use the kratom powder, you need to strain it. On the other hand, if you use the leaves, take out the leaves after the allotted time.

BCAA with Kratom Drink

If you are a fitness guru or athlete, you can combine your branch-chained amino acids with kratom for healthier muscles. Your BCAA will overpower the bitterness and smell of kratom.

Kratom Chocolate Drink

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, you can have your kratom mixed with your favorite chocolate drink. The chocolate drink will balance the bitterness of kratom.

Do take note, however, that you must not add kratom to a hot drink because the heat will hurt the alkaloids.

Toss and Wash With Grapefruit or Any Juice

If you need a quick kratom fix, you can toss and wash the powder with your favorite juice. The trick is to put the powder on your tongue then add the juice before swishing and swallowing.

Kratom and Juice for Breakfast

Most users prefer to add kratom in their grapefruit juice because it enhances their desired effects. Some users still prefer to mix it with orange juice.

To enhance the power of kratom, you need to add it to a half cup of your preferred juice. Mix thoroughly before adding the other ½ cup of juice.

Kratom, Herbs, and Juice

Kratom Drink Ways to Concoct Different Variants to Enjoy It Better

You can also mix kratom with your lemonade or pineapple juice to achieve the enhanced effects because acid brings out the power of alkaloids even better.

Kratom Shake as a Pre- or Post-Workout Drink

Gym enthusiasts will surely enjoy their workout experience with a kratom drink. If you are one of them, you can mix kratom with a protein shake to hasten muscle recovery after a workout.

Also, if you drink it before your workout, you can expect to be more energetic in your routines.

Mango and Kratom Smoothie

Mix 2.5 grams with your mango juice to stimulate your digestion. If you want a refreshing drink, you can add ice cubes.

Do Not Mix Kratom With the Following Drinks


Mixing kratom with yogurt feels like you are eating clay or mud. Also, you will taste the bitterness of kratom enhanced by yogurt.

However, if you experience stomachaches and nausea after taking kratom, you can have yogurt to alleviate the symptoms.

Coconut Water

The taste of kratom will overpower the subtle flavor of coconut water. However, you can toss and wash kratom with coconut water.

What you can do is toss the kratom powder inside your mouth, then drink coconut water to wash it down. Some kratom powder may get stuck in your teeth, so it is best to drink more coconut water.

Aloe Vera

You may like the taste of aloe vera, but you cannot mix it with kratom powder. The mixture does not taste well. It is best to toss and wash the powder with aloe vera.

Plain Whole Milk

Not only does the mixture look yucky, but it also does not taste good as well. If you still want to try it, you need to microwave the milk before mixing kratom in it. Cold milk will clump when you add kratom.

The best trick is to toss kratom into your mouth and wash it down with milk.

You have many options when it comes to taking kratom. Try all of them then decide which is the best kratom drink for you.