The Importance of the Kratom Plant in Society

The Importance of the Kratom Plant in Society

The kratom is a plant indigenous to Asia specifically in Thailand, Borneo, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea.

The tree could grow taller in any tropical countries. The leaves are primarily utilized in a powder form to be used as a tea for it easily dissolves in water. Some even manufactured its leaves to convert them into pills or capsules.

It is considered as an herbal remedy which is effective to treat various kinds of diseases.

In fact, decades ago people used it as a traditional medicine for reducing painful sensations. Even until today, it is known to have the therapeutic effect on those who are suffering from chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and opiate withdrawal.

This is because experts have found properties of opioid and several stimulants that give such healthful benefits.

How to Grow a Kratom Plant Successfully in Your Garden?

The Importance of the Kratom Plant in Society

Many believed that planting the kratom is very difficult. The only means of propagating it is planting thru seed or cutting.

However, the probability of success is relatively low without proper attention, care, and procedure.

That is why experts have been researching how to plant this without any hassle. Here are the methods you should know before planting.

Firstly, the seeds that you will be using must be fresh and should be planted in large amount so that the chances of growing will also be high.

Secondly, be sure to plant this in a warm environment for it to grow faster.

Thirdly, if you are using the cutting method, be sure to get the area that is blemish free. This means that the part should not be infested with fungus or any parasites.

Afterward, place its part in an individual pot that has moist soil full of growing medium or peat moss, and thoroughly seal it in a plastic container.

Always remember that you must keep it away from direct sunlight at first just until the roots slowly show. After which, have the plant occasionally stay in low humidity and carefully remove it from the bag from time to time. Then have it exposed to sunlight on an occasional basis.

Lastly, since it is too difficult to grow, it needs very fertile and rich soil that has plenty of nitrogen. This is because the plant is highly sensitive to heat if it is starting to grow.

For this reason, abundant nutrients are necessary for it to grow faster.

The Different Health Benefits of Kratom Plant to People

As a traditional medicine, individuals utilized its leaves and chewed them to reduce musculoskeletal pain. Its extract is used to treat wounds and provides the anesthetic effect.

Moreover, it acts as a painkiller similar to non-steroidal analgesic agents such as Mefenamic acids. In fact, there are various strains of this plant that have a corresponding advantage.

Firstly, Maeng Da has a stimulating and energizing property that cures acute or chronic pain.

Secondly, the Red vein Kali has sedative effects as well as the Red vein Thai.

Lastly, the Bali and White vein kali has a component that gives a euphoric feeling.

In some parts of Southeast Asia, they use this as their deworming agents which is useful in killing intestinal parasites. Although it has a bitter taste, users oftentimes combine this with some sweeteners.

Another significant benefit of this plant is that it is an excellent remedy for opioid withdrawal. It’s alkaloid components which are the mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine act as depressants leading to reduce symptoms of tremors, anxiety, chills, and intense pain.

While there are no approved therapeutic claims, several consumers have revealed different stories and testimonials with regards to pain alleviation.

In 2010, many users preferred the use of this plant as recreational. In fact, it is popular among teenagers in Thailand, and they use its powder in alcoholic beverages such as cocktail. This is because it has a mood-boosting effect and also makes drinkers achieve a euphoric sensation.

Adverse Effects of Kratom Plant That Have Potential Health Risks

Some experts claimed that the abuse of this substance may harm your health and can be life-threatening.

When you take this on a higher dosage, you will experience various side effects similar to opioid overdose like respiratory depression.

In other words, once this substance enters into the system, it binds to MU-receptor which is responsible for oxygen-carrying properties of the blood.

Hence, there will be an increase in breathing pattern to compensate for the lack of oxygen levels. As a result, it will collapse your lungs.

Aside from that, excessive intake may injure the liver with symptoms such as jaundice, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.

Lastly, it will develop an addiction. The Federal officers in the USA found out that this will result in dependence.

The kratom plant has two active compounds, the mitragynine, and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, which have a high amount of psychoactive properties. This will have adverse effects on the brain causing symptoms of psychosis or in layman’s term — severe mental illness.

Reasons Why Some States Restrict Planting of Kratom

The Food and Drug Administration gathered reported cases with regards to kratom abuse. Some victims are now suffering from addiction and even deaths in the past years. This is the reason why they created a bill to warrant the prohibition of selling this type of plant.

According to the FDA, the strain has no associated medical cure. Instead, it can only put you at risk.

They recently discovered that kratom has properties similar to tramadol and hydrocodone which may slowly develop tolerance. Aside from that, some users are mixing it with other medications, and this can be dangerous to one’s health.

If you have researched well, eight states in the US have successfully banned its usage. Governments are strict in its implementation because the studies and research to support the claims are not enough.

Although many advocates passed a petition to lift its ban, the actions failed because of the evidence seen on DEA reports.

Authorities have listed this type of plant in Schedule 1 drugs. This means that along with LSD, marijuana, heroin, and ecstasy, kratom is considered a threat to the public’s health as this may lead to mental disorders.