The Super Green Malay Kratom Strain Review

The History Behind the Super Green Malay Kratom Strain

The Super Green Malay Kratom derives its name from its birth country Malaysia. For many years Malaysia has cultivated natural Mitragyna speciosa trees on its mountainous slopes. The fertile lands and the hilly slopes are perfect catalysts for  the growth of the Malay Kratom.

The word “Super” in the name is not to be confused as a marketing gimmick here. It refers to the harvesting technique where the farmers pull the biggest, super sized leaves from the tree. These big, super sized leaves are loaded with more alkaloids which make the powders where they are infused more health enhancing. The word “Super” when associated with Kratom indicates more potency and hence indicates more enhancement with the Kratom chemicals.

The Benefits of the Super Green Malay Kratom

The color green is associated with a spectrum of benefits which any typical Kratom user will swear by. Some of the typical benefits of the Super Green Malay strain Kratom have been summarized here:

  • Rise in natural energy levels
  • Ability to focus more sharply, concentrate more
  • Immediate relief from muscle and joint pains
  • Relief from abdominal pains
  • Respite from anxiety
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Induces body into a natural state of sleep
  • Calms the mind
  • Gets rid of social fears
  • Enables a person to get rid of inhibitions and have better conversations
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • A feeling of optimism and euphoria
  • Battling cell damage
  • Boosting immunity

Dosages and Usage of the Super Green Malay Kratom

If you are looking for simulation 1 gram of Super Green Malay Kratom would be sufficient although the standard dosage for this strain varies between 3-5 grams. Larger doses of this strain produce sedating and more calming effects.

This highly potent strain will be effective across the full range of normal kratom dosages. Users report that the standard median dose for this strain is between 3-6 grams. 1 gram is the minimum threshold dose, while 10 grams is the most that the average user will enjoy. Keep in mind that smaller doses result in a more energetic experience, while larger doses tend to produce more calming and slow-speed effects. The green Malay Kratom strain combines the benefits of both the white and the red veined Malay Kratom. Many advanced Kratom users advocate keeping each strain of Kratom on hand so that you can take them according to your requirement for the day. Some cultures advocate the fusion of different strains to get the Kratom of your choice.

Final Thoughts

The users of Kratom strains extensively recommend the use of Green Malay strain to experience a feeling of wellness and be able go about your daily chores with a great amount of mental alacrity and soundness. However since the market is rife with a few adulterated varieties, it is often wise to check claims before making a purchase. Green Malay Kratom, if used wisely, is not only light for your pocket but also promises a host of other benefits as well.

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