Red and Green Riau Kratom Strains – A Brief Review

The Origins and History of the Kratom Strains

Riau Kratom comes from the vibrant, flourishing rain forests of Riau. Housed in the remote island of Indonesia, this Kratom strain in the past was marketed and sold under the name of “Sumatra Kratom”. Of late the users of the Kratom are showing more and more interest in this rare Kratom. The Riau Kratom strain comes in red and green. Each of these strains is loaded with many benefits and promises healing and calming to the user.

The Riau Kratom strain is harvested from the wild, thriving trees in the primary and secondary rain forests of Riau.  The leaves are dried using advanced techniques of drying and processing. All this lends a sweet flavor to the Riau Kratom strain which makes it a highly sought after strain. The experienced is able to discern its unique aroma and flavor and all this makes the Riau Kratom a highly popular strain.

The benefits of the Red and Green Riau Kratom Strains

Both the Red and the Green Riau Kratom strains offer the user with a unique set of benefits.

The Red Riau Kratom Strain

The Red Riaou Kratom relaxes and calms the mind. Less intense than its close counterparts- the Red Bali or Red Thai, it is a good muscle relaxant, and it is popularly used to enhance mood and alleviate anxiety. Like the Red Veined Sumatra powder, it is equally euphoric, though it fills the user with a calm, tranquil feeling. With its sweet flavour, it is pleasant on the taste buds and does not leave a bitter taste in the mouth of the user.

The Green Riau Kratom Strain

The Green Vein strain of this Kratom produces an extremely calming effect while enabling an individual to maximize his or her productivity. A rare blend of tranquility and energy, this Riau Kratom fills the user with restfulness and optimism and relieves from anxiety. Chronic and muscular pains are alleviated making it an incredibly popular strain. At the end of the day, the user experiences a calm, inner state of mind.

Dosage Instructions about the Riau Kratom Strains

The dosage of the Riau Kratom strain depends upon a number of factors like the individual’s personal sensitivity to herbal medicine. In general 1-3 grams constitute a mild dose, while 3-5 grams indicates a strong dose. Any dosage of 5-10 grams of the green Riau Kratom is recommended only for the advanced user. As with all Kratom strains, lower doses tend to stimulate, while higher doses calm and sedate the mind.

Final Thoughts on Riau Kratom Strain

If you are looking for powerful, long lasting effects, Riau Kratom might be the solution for you. However, since the market is flooded with dubious, spurious stuff, it is better to do a thorough market research. The Riau Kratom brings the mind into a sense of harmony and helps you embrace life with tranquility and peace.

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