Kratom Laws Where you Live – Kratom Laws in Australia, Candida and Southeast Asia

No Kratom user wishes to be on the wrong side of the law. Hence before purchasing Kratom, it is very essential to understand the Kratom laws. This will make your entire Kratom experience a hassle free one. Kratom, for a long time has been used to improve the quality of life. The people of Southeast Asia have made this herb a part of their wellness and healing routine.

In the previous article, we have understood the legality of Kratom in US and Europe. Let us now understand the Kratom laws in Australia, Canada and Southeast Asia.


In Australia, the Kratom laws consider both Mitragynine compound and Kratom as illegal and  they are listed on schedule 9 of SUSMP(Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons). This policy which came into effect as in the year 2009 at a meeting of the National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee passed the rule after it was convinced that Kratom had the potential to be abused. It is surprising that the committee had formed this opinion in spite of there being no registered cases of Kratom abuse in Australia.

New Zealand

The Kratom laws in New Zealand require the Kratom user to have a prescription for buying Kratom products. This law also makes it illegal to sell Kratom to individuals without prescription. That said importing and possession of Kratom is not considered illegal in Australia.

Canada: The Kratom laws in Canada are pretty clear. They consider neither Kratom nor the Mitragynine compound as illegal. This implies that anyone can purchase and sell Kratom without getting into any legal hassle.

Kratom Laws in Southeast Asia:

Thailand: Thailand is the home of Kratom plant. Ironically however Kratom laws in Thailand have always been stringent. This is in sharp contrast to the old times where the people in forests would chew these leaves or brew them into tea for invigoration and attain freedom from aches and pains. Despite the wide popularity of Kratom in Thailand it is classified as level 5 narcotic which means that  it is illegal to possess, purchase, sell and consume this herb. Although the reason for this severe ban is not known, many Kratom users attribute it to Opium whose trade suffered as a result of Kratom.

Myanmar and Malaysia: In both these countries, the Kratom laws consider the purchase, sale and consumption of Kratom illegal.


Indonesia is one of the largest manufacturers of Kratom products and much of the  Kratom supply to US comes from here. It is perfectly legal to grow Mitragyna speciosa in this country. In fact the Kratom products labeled as “Thai Kratom” are also grown here.

By following the Kratom laws as explained above, you would not be infringing on any laws and you can enjoy the Kratom experience without any fear of punishment and penalty.

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