Impact of Possible Kratom Ban in Some US sates on other Countries

The Current and Possible Kratom Bans

Recently many states in US have announced a possible ban on the purchase and sale of Kratom products. This news has evoked a lot of dismay and disappointment in the Kratom community. The possible ban of Kratom implies that Kratom can no longer be marketed as a health product or nutritional supplement. This means that huge restrictions will be imposed on the purchase and sale of Kratom. What is the reason behind such present Kratom bans and the possible Kratom bans in future? Does the Government base its judging upon rationality or is swept away by misinformation and bad press which always surrounded this perfectly safe, natural drug?

Although there is no documented history to tell us when exactly the people of Southeast Asia began consuming Kratom leaves, it is a fact nevertheless that they have been making Kratom a part of their healing rituals since many years. Kratom leaves formed a part of their social and cultural traditions. For the tribal cultures residing deep in the rain forests, Kratom was a coffee like stimulant  Kratom provided stimulation, boosted energy levels and created an inner harmony. For the people living in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, Kratom spelt freedom from several debilitating conditions.

Hence it is surprising that in spite of no illnesses, toxicity cases and deaths associated with Kratom use, some states are considering a possible Kratom ban. Kratom herb promises a whole range of therapeutic benefits such as stress relief, low blood pressure, increasing stamina and improved concentration. Hence Kratom ban is as senseless and illogical as banning a cup of coffee.

It is a fact that politicians have often manipulated people’s choices and their decisions. Kratom is a naturally occurring plant with many health benefits. The states that have currently banned Kratom or considering a possible ban are:

  • Iowa
  • Vermont
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • Arizona
  • Virginia


The above states by erroneously comparing Kratom with illicit drugs have stroked public hysteria so that the public can buy the misinformed propaganda.

 Kratom Legality in Asia

Kratom is considered illegal in most parts of Southeast Asia including Thailand- the country of its origin. The penalty in these countries for possession of Kratom is quite severe and sometimes can lead to death penalty. While the rationale behind such statute is not entirely known, some studies suggest that Thailand imposed the ban because Kratom proved a threat to the flourishing Kratom trade. With more and more people buying Kratom to kick of opiate addiction, there was a sudden slump in the Kratom trade. It is sad that such loss of rationale has traveled to the Western World with some countries banning Kratom without any logic and justification.

However except for the countries listed above, Kratom is legal in other states and the possession of Kratom and its alkaloids is not considered illegal. For a Kratom user who is on the road to recovery, a possible Kratom ban can lead to doom and loss of hope.

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