Kratom -Do you think it should be banned?

You will find many forums and blogs which have many discussions about banning Kratom across the globe. Do you really think Kratom has to be banned when there are so many health benefits of using Kratom? Recently, in the year 2015, Kratom was banned for under aged groups in Illinois. There are many reasons why this herbal product was considered for banning.

Let us have a look at a few reasons which make many people think that Kratom has to be banned.

Available online easily

This herbal product Kratom is available under many brand names and also is very easily available online. This is encouraging everyone to buy Kratom without any kind of problem. Anyone can buy anything from the internet nowadays without having to face any kind of problem or restriction and this is encouraging minors towards this kind of products. They are misusing them in parties, clubs for staying energized and active for a long time.

Sold in stores legally

This medicine is very easily sold in the stores and that makes the users think that this medicine is legal and safe as well. When you are able to purchase something from the market without any kind of problem, then it is human tendency to feel that the product is safe and can be used. But when you are using any product which is not required for your body, then it can be very dangerous and you may get addicted to it.

What are the arguments you get to hear?

A few medical professionals say that this medicine not safe and you may get addicted to it if you are using it for a longer time. You may have to face health issues like increased heartbeat and many other physical health problems. But the pro-Kratom supporters say that there are no deaths reported or no severe health issues reported when the Kratom is being taken in a proper way. So, they still argue to say that this is a natural herb and is completely safe when you are taking it as per the requirement and under the supervision of a health expert.

What about banning Kratom?

There are many states in the US and other parts of the world which have banned Kratom for minors and teenagers. This is something which has to be implemented in all parts of the world. This will help in keeping your minor children safe. As far as adults are concerned, the government can run some awareness programs through which they can make the public aware about the pros and the cons of Kratom. This is something very important to do than banning it completely. There are many health benefits of using the herbal product in the right way and it will be a great job by the government if they are able to explain this to public and help them in enjoying all the benefits of Kratom. Banning Kratom is never a solution to the problems like addiction or minors using it.

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