Buying Kratom in Florida – The Legal Scene

In many States of United States, Kratom has come under the legal scanner. This implies that though Kratom is legal in many states, the legality is being questioned. As more and more states are working towards declaring the possession and consumption of Kratom illegal, Florida too lags behind. Currently buying Kratom in Florida poses no legal threat. But with the neighbouring states declaring Kratom illegal, Florida is considering the decision once again. What would be the implications of this statute?

Buying Kratom in Florida

Kratom leaf had been a part of many rituals and healing processes for the people residing in the verdant rainforests of Southeast Asia. For many years now, the indigenous populations residing in Thailand, Borneo and Malaysia have been using Kratom leaf to energize and relax themselves. Among the Southern Thai population, people who chewed the Kratom leaf were viewed with respect as they were considered more motivated and work oriented than the rest. Some Kratom leaves when chewed free the user from chronic pains and aches of many years.

As on the current date, buying Kratom in Florida is not considered illegal. The buyer is neither outlawed nor is any legal action initiated against him. That said the legality of buying Kratom in Florida still stands on shaky grounds. You can buy Kratom from any of the local stores located in Miami.

However a certain section of media in Miami and Orlando who have been trying to label Kratom as “dangerously legal high” are working towards getting it banned in Florida and other states of USA. This section of media is insistent upon turning a blind eye to the multiple benefits of Kratom which many users have been experiencing across the globe. Instead by focusing on incidents where people have consumed Kratom in dangerously high doses, it is focusing on the downside of consuming this extremely beneficial drug. Kratom when taken in small doses can rejuvenate and energize like no other medicine.

Kratom Ban in Sarasota County

Early in 2104, the Sarasota County in Florida imposed a ban on all Kratom products. Their ban not only targets the vendors of this herb, but also imposes penalty on the buyers of Kratom. The reason for his ban is the misrepresentation of Kratom as a “designer drug”. This ban also incorrectly labels Kratom as a psychotropic stimulant and opioid substitute with no legitimate benefit. Through this ban, the government has chosen to shut its mind to the various possible benefits of Kratom leaf if consumed in controlled quantities.

After this ban, many counties in Florida are considering following suit. The DEA agents in Florida in one instance seized the Kratom supply from a vendor who was stocking it legally. This shows that there is a lot of confusion and lack of  clarity regarding the legality of selling and buying Kratom in Florida. If you are a Kratom lover residing in Florida, demonstrate to the authorities, how this leaf can change your life in many different ways. Buying Kratom in Florida is a battle that can hopefully meet its closure very soon.

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