Buying Kratom in California – The Legal Scenario

California is a state that has always embraced freedom and healthy way of living. This is the reason why buying Kratom is perfectly legal in California. This beautiful state with its stunning landscape is the hub of forward thinking. With progressive health polices as its top priorities, there is no immediate, foreseen threat to the purchase and sale of Kratom.

Buying Kratom in California

California also known as the Golden State that has always supported worthy social causes and made issues like care for the less fortunate and affordable healthcare as its primary policies. When the issue of Kratom is viewed from the lens of personal freedom and civil liberties, there is no reason why it should be considered unlawful and illegal. Hence buying Kratom in California is a perfectly legal affair. No one can seize Kratom from a Kratom vendor or prevent anyone from purchasing Kratom. Recently California has legalized marijuana. This means that marijuana users can purchase it without the fear of being persecuted.

California- a liberal state which values personal freedom above everything else views Kratom for what it is- a gateway to lead an improved life. This is how it should have been viewed by the other states as well. But the other states such as Florida continue to view Kratom with a lot of suspicion and mistrust.

The reasons why buying Kratom is legal in California are many. California has finally decided to look beyond the Kratom myths listed below:

Myth#1: Kratom is hallucinogenic

Kratom if used within moderate limits does not produce hallucinations.

Myth#2: Kratom is toxic

No documented cases of Kratom toxicity have been so far reported and the label of Kratom being a “legal high” is all a product of gross misrepresentation by the media.

Myth#3 Kratom creates severe withdrawal symptoms

Since Kratom does not create a vicious cycle of dependency, there is no question of withdrawal symptoms.

By looking beyond the myths listed above, California has made it possible for its citizens to embrace a better and an improved quality of life.

 Buying Kratom in California- The Final Word

The one place where people in California can buy Kratom is the head shops. Known locally as the smoke shops or tobacconists, these shops sometimes stock a few health products and might contain Kratom. However the Kratom in such shops is artificially branded and is highly inflated. For the advanced Kratom user, buying Kratom from these shops might create a huge dent in the pockets. Hence for the people in California, online vendors are the best alternative. These vendors offer Kratom in bulk quantities and at affordable prices.

Buying Kratom in California is a relatively non-complicated affair. For the people of West Coast, Kratom hold promise and hope.



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