Understanding Kratom High and its Psychotropic Effects

Kratom enthusiasts fondly refer to it as “Kratom High” because of their experience. In physical terms this high is more than just a set of superficial sensations. These “highs” are a proof of the powerful therapeutic benefits of the Kratom leaf. However this “High” has also been misinterpreted by media, leading many a media person to group this ancient remedy alongside a group of illegal drugs. By doing this, they are not just projecting the wrong image of the wonderful herb, but also missing out its quantifiable wellness-boosting, mood-uplifting, health benefits.

The Connection between Human Body and the Plant Body

What is the origin of the term “Kratom High”? The answer to this question is very simple. Kratom users get their high from the naturally occurring bio active compounds which reside abundantly in every Kratom leaf. These alkaloids including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are unique and interact with human cells in a unique manner. They bind with the cell receptors and send powerful signals to the brain which go on to influence the sympathetic nervous system of the body. Thus they are able to have a profound impact on a range of both physical and mental conditions like pain, anxiety, depression etc. Depending upon the Kratom leaf and the dosage, the healing goes deep within so that the sufferer is not only free of his/her debilitating conditions, but also experiences a new lease of life.

Understanding the Energizing Kratom High

Each strain of Kratom leaf produces a unique set of benefits in the user. The strain is dependent upon the color of the leaf vein. Thus a product like white Borneo or Maeng Da strain for that matter remove the sluggishness and promise the user with many benefits such as:

  • Ability to improve focus
  • Increase the happiness quotient of a person
  • The person is able to concentrate on his/her goals
  • He/She experiences joy from deep within
  • Feels euphoric

Understanding the Relaxing Kratom High

As opposed to energizing high, relaxing high is more gentle and soothing. Red Bali strain or Red Thai produce these tranquil effects in the user:

  • Ability to De-stress and relax
  • Free oneself of anxiety and worries
  • Restful and regular sleep patterns restored
  • Freedom from depression
  • Relief from anxiety

How does Kratom differ from other opiates?

The similarities in certain after effects have lead some people to believe that Kratom is also an opiate. While this claim is totally false, it is not totally without a reason. Kratom’s alkaloids have also been found to react with the cell receptors in the same way as the opiates. But unlike opiates, these alkaloids do not create damaging and harmful relationships with these receptors. On the other hand, recovering drug addicts have found that this herbal remedy actually fills the gaps left by opiate damage without causing any substance dependencies.

The Legality of Kratom

For thousands of years Kratom has been used as a folk medicine. The fact that it is legally available for sale in most of the countries indicates that it is totally safe. There have been zero documented evidence of damage due to Kratom. All this points out to only one fact: Kratom is natural remedy and not a drug. Through its use, a user experiences freedom from his past demons of pain, anxiety, depression and more.

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