The Unique Benefits of Using Liquid Kratom Extracts

Why Liquid Kratom

Preparation of Kratom extract is an elaborate affair. It involves measuring out the exact doses, allotting a particular time and space for the preparations and adjusting the taste to get the desired effects. For a Kratom user who wants to enjoy Kratom in its concentrated form, these considerations become more challenging to deal with. Liquid Kratom simplifies the whole process for the Kratom user. Its utter simplicity makes it a much favored taste among the Kratom users.

The Process of Making Liquid Kratom

Liquid Kratom products are basically an extract of the active ingredients involved in Kratom preparation. The process involves dissolving a large quantity of the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant in a mixture of water and ethanol alcohol. The plant alkaloids present in the Kratom plant are both alcohol soluble and water soluble indicating that they can be extracted without any loss of the active bio-active compound via this procedure. When extra measures are taken to protect the strength of these compounds, the extract that emerges is known as Full Spectrum Tincture, meaning it represents all of the plant’s components and juts highly concentrated alkaloids. This preserves the full efficacy and benefits of the parent leaves.

The Effects of Liquid Kratom

Like all Kratom products, the individual effects of any liquid Kratom would depend upon the source of the strain leaves. A concentration of 4x or 8x would indicate that as many as 4 times or 8 times the number of leaves were used to generate the weight of the final product.

Most Kratom users report many beneficial effects of using Kratom such as vitality, euphoria, relaxation and freedom from debilitating conditions like chronic pains, anxiety and depression. The invisible benefits include a drop in blood pressure, boosted immunity and protection against cell damage.

It should be remembered that Kratom liquid is more concentrated than any other Kratom extract. As such the effects are more intense and defined than the regular leaf powder. Some users who use liquid Kratom regularly have reported that they have experienced a “rise and fall” that is less subtle as compared to other Kratom products.

Figuring out the Right Dosage for the Liquid Kratom

Kratom liquid products are sold in glass bottles in a typical volume of 15ml. It is consumed through a dropper. Droppers can generate different amounts of liquids according to the pressure applied when squeezing the bottle. Hence a Kratom user who has just started on liquid Kratom should exercise conservation when using this extract.A general rule of the thumb is:

·         1 Dropper: Thresh hold dose for energizing effects

·         2 Droppers: Strong Dose for more relaxing and sedative effects

The Best Way to Take Liquid Kratom

To reap the full bodied effects of liquid Kratom, fill the dropper and place the tip under the tongue for as long as possible without swallowing. This way, the Kratom will get absorbed into the blood more rapidly.

You can also add liquid Kratom to beverage such as tea without minimizing the efficacy in any way.

Final Word

In the long run, liquid Kratom works out to be a more convenient proposition for people who lead hurried, stressful lives who have no time to prepare herbal remedies the traditional way.

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