The Kratom Herb – A Natural Alternative to Prescription Pills

The last few years have seen a sharp rise in the demand for natural remedies. The Kratom herb which had been a part of the Southeast Asian cultures since many years is slowly making its foray into the Western countries. With the stress of modern living, people are increasingly becoming vulnerable to conditions such as anxiety, depression and chronic pains. More and more youngsters are getting addicted to substances such as opium. Natural health experts are looking at ways and means to improve health naturally without exposing the body to more chemicals than absolutely required. Here is where the Kratom herb comes into picture. Kratom is not only an analgesic, but also a stimulant and analytic. The stimulation that one experiences after ingesting the Kratom herb is smooth and less jittery. Thus the Kratom herb raises your productivity without causing your body to stress. It leaves you more focused and relaxed.

Kratom whose scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa grows flourishes in parts of Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia. The leaves of this tree possess psychoactive properties and are used as herbal remedies to cure ailments such as fatigue, migraines and stomach upsets. Traditionally the people in these regions would chew the leaves so that the juices trickled in. With passage of time, the people realized that the tea prepared from the Kratom powder was an attractive alternative.

The Kratom herb is rich in bio active compounds such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine that help relieve pain and also enhance mood. The farmers in Southeast Asia have long been using this herb to get a respite from the strenuous outdoor life.

Natural Properties of the Kratom Herb

The unique benefits of the Kratom herb  can be  attributed to the diversity of the alkaloids present in the leaf. The Kratom leaf is composed of 25 alkaloids and 40 compounds. As compared to synthetic drugs which give the user with only one chemical, act only in one way and possess the added risk of causing addiction, the Kratom is appealing.

The Kratom herb consist of many alkaloids which counterbalance one other and create a harmony. For example, the alkaloids which stimulate the mu-opioid receptors make the Kratom herb an excellent alternative to analgesics; However as these alkaloids also act as NMDA blockers in the brain which translates as less addictive properties and less dependence on this substance. As compared to other pharmaceutical preparations this also means lesser chances of overdose and developing a tolerance.

Final Word on the Kratom Herb

The Kratom herb with controlled use can bring about a remarkable change in the user’s perspective. By bidding farewell to conditions such as depression, anxiety and chronic pains, he would be able to live life with joy and focus.

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