The Immunostimulant Properties of Alkaloids In Kratom

What are Immunostimulant Properties?

Most of the Kratom users view it as a powerful analgesic and also a stimulant and relaxant. What most of the Kratom users do not know is that the alkaloids in Kratom possess excellent immunostimulant properties. An immunostimulant is a chemical which aids your immune system to work more efficiently. Other plants which possess immunostimulant properties are the goji, acacia berries, rhodioal and maca root and seeds like chia and thistle.

At present the known benefits of the Kratom leaf are:

  • Infuses energy
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Provides freedom from anxiety and depression
  • Relaxes body and mind
  • Removes doubt and negativity
  • Brings blood pressure within reasonable limits
  • Enhances mood and brings the user into an euphoric stae of mind
  • Helps the user to kick off addictions


This lends a third dimension to the already powerful Kratom leaf. The immunostimulant properties helps your body to ward off conditions like colds, bacterial infections etc. This means that apart from stimulating and energizing, the Kratom alkaloids possess immunostimulant properties which imply that Kratom is a cancer preventive, anti mutagen, anti bacterial and anti viral.

Thus the Kratom leaf not only relieves a person of all the chronic pains , but also shields him from other life threatening conditions as well. One of the most popular immunostimulant alkaloid present in Kratom is epicatechin which is found in green tea as well.

The alkaloids in the Kratom lea which possess immunostimulant properties are:

  • Isomitraphylline
  • Isopteropodine
  • Isorhynchophylline
  • These alkaloids are present in the coffee plant also. Although little is known about Isomitraphylline, Isopteropodine is shown to possess antibacterial and anti microbial properties. Isorhynchophylline on the other hand has the ability to strengthen the nervous system, protect the body from cardiovascular disease and act as an endotoxin. An endotoxin is a bacteria that hold the toxins until the cell wall is disrupted.

Recently, Kratom leaf has received a lot of bad press. By being misrepresented as a “legal high” drug, many new Kratom users doubt its efficacy and benefits. Classifying Kratom as bath salt is not just a gross  misleading of facts, but also a staunch refusal to look at the obvious.

As more studies are being conducted on the immunostimulant properties of this leaf, every Kratom user hopes for the state to see the light and recognize Kratom for the true health virtues that it offers. Presently the Kratom battle is fighting a battle and winning on many fronts. The immunostimulant properties of the alkaloids are another ray of hope for the Kratom lover. Not only will he be able to lead a better way of life, but also enable him to guard himself against some potentially life threatening diseases.

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