Kratom for Depression

Using Kratom for Depression

Depression is one of the natural offshoots of modern living. The Kratom leaf with its potent bio active compounds has the power to fight and bring healing to the person. The people in Southeast Asia have always used Kratom to achieve wellness of both body and mind. More and more people are turning to Kratom for depression as a means to achieve freedom from this debilitating condition. Depression is not a condition that many people prefer to talk about. Expensive treatment makes this condition a closeted experience. However when people use Kratom for depression, the results are wholesome and powerful. Kratom not only uplifts the mood, but produces a positive frame of mind.

Understanding Depression

Today more than 350 million people suffer from depression. Sometimes the sufferer does not realize that he/she is a victim of depression and before he/she realizes it might be too late. Depression can be severely crippling to the person who suffers from it.  If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed below, the chances are that you are beginning to experience the early onset of depression:

  • Poor energy levels
  • A permanent feeling of sadness
  • Always lacking motivation to perform even the daily chores
  • Failing to take care of self
  • Inability to fall asleep
  • Poor appetite

With a rise in depression, the market is flooded with remedies and cures that promise instantaneous results. Today 1 in every 12 Americans are on prescription drugs for depression. This makes Kratom a natural choice for cure. Kratom for depression is an effective healing agent.

Kratom for Depression- The Healing Mechanism

Kratom provides natural healing to the person in multiple ways:

  • Enhances Mood: After a Kratom user ingests Kratom powder, his/her sadness and melancholy is gradually replaced with feelings of optimism and joy. The Kratom user pursues his goals with more tenacity and focus.
  • Energizes and Vitalizes: Kratom treats depression by gently boosting energy levels and allows you to move through your everyday chores with lightness and ease.
  • A perfect Relaxant: Some strains of Kratom like the Red vein Thai Kratom induces a slow, relaxed frame of mind.
  • Improves Concentration: Kratom powder by removing debilitating conditions like worry and fear leave your mind free to concentrate on your goals.

Kratom for Depression- Choosing the Right Strain

Red Kratom : If you are feeling highly strung the whole day due to your depression, you can try this strain to feel calm and tranquil again.

White Kratom: If your depression leaves you listless, white Kratom will clear the fog in your mind and give you a gentle nudge.

The dosage to treat the above symptoms would be:

Mild Depression: 1-5grams

Moderate depression: 5-15grams

Severe, acute Depression: 15-25grams

Finally remember depression is not an incurable condition. By using Kratom for treatment, you can finally start seeing light at the end of tunnel.

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