Kratom Danger – Understanding the Real Risk of this Plant Harming You

What is Kratom Danger? Is it a term coined by those who have somehow misunderstood this popular herb and are apprehending its use or does the risk really exist? Since the ancient times many users around the world are using this magical herb to enhance their mood, sharpen their mental focus and intensify the mental energies. However, in recent times, media is propagating myths about the safety of this drug, calling it a drug  associated with “legal high” in the process. Due to all these reasons, some states are actively considering banning the purchase and sale of Kratom. The crux of these news articles is the same. They accuse the Kratom products of being:

  • Addictive
  • Endowed with long term side effects
  • Easy to abuse

However there is no documented evidence of such incidents and these allegations are more of false rumors rather than actual facts.

What are Potential Kratom dangers?

Much of the suspicion around Kratom comes from the fact that it is a herbal medicine and like all herbal preparation, it can be used in excess causing addiction in the user. However, one thing that distinguishes Kratom from the other opiate substances is that Kratom does not possess addictive properties. In other words, Kratom does not create a vicious cycle between the adrenaline rush and substance use leading the user to get addicted to it. When taken in controlled doses, Kratom fills the user with energy and vitality. Also, it is important to understand that for the negative side effects to manifest, the dosage should be more than 10 times the normal dosage which comes to almost 20-30grams taken each day at a stretch for more than 3 months.

By equating Kratom with synthetic drugs like “bath salts”, the media is making unfair comparisons. People have been chewing on the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa plant for many years, even centuries and are experiencing a sharp difference in their lives. With their chronic pains, stresses and anxieties well behind them, they are able to embrace life with optimism and vitality.

Kratom Facts –Myth Versus Real Facts

  • People do not take Kratom to experience ecstasy. They do it to experience freedom from pains, anxieties and other such debilitating conditions.
  • There have been no reported cases of Kratom overdose in the Poison Control center.
  • Kratom contains bio active compounds respond with our natural endorphin which can also be described as happiness chemicals. This promotes positive feelings and optimism in the user.
  • Kratom does not create physical dependence like morphine, heroin or oxycodone. In fact Kratom makes it easier to get De-addicted from these drugs without creating substance dependencies.
  • Kratom does not cause the user to hyperventilate like opium and heroin.
  • The occasional side effects of Kratom are limited to mild symptoms like headache, nausea and constipation.

Final Word about Kratom Danger

Kratom Danger is a wide spread media myth. If you are suffering from conditions such as anxiety and stress, Kratom goes a long way in easing your pain and helps you embrace life with dignity and joy.

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