How do the Kratom Vein and Stem Benefit you?

Until recently, the stem and the vein of the Kratom leaf were thought of no particular use. Hence, they were often discarded. But the modern Eco-conscious world which is slowly looking forward to less wastage and more conservation of resources is looking for novel and innovative ways to use the Kratom vein and stem. The Kratom vein and stem would lend a unique angle to this healing plant located deep in the forests of Southeast Asian countries.

Every leaf is composed of 3 elements:

  • The stem which connects the leaf to the tree
  • Veins which deliver nutrients to the leaf
  • Flat tissue containing the leaf’s active bio active compound

Anyone who has used organic greens like kale or chard usually separate the leafy portion from the thick stem and the central veins before consuming them. This is because these sections of the leaf were always thought to be less nutritional. The Kratom users also consumed the Kratom strain along similar lines, discarding the leaf and vein. The preference for the leafy portion led the farmers to develop a harvesting practice known as premium where the leaf tissue was intentionally separated from leaf and stem which were then discarded.

However in recent times, it was discovered that these parts were not devoid of healing power. In fact, there are special naturally forming alkaloids within these parts which do not exist in a similar concentration elsewhere on the plant. Every Kratom user will tell you that the beneficial properties of the Kratom leaf are not due to a single alkaloid present, but a number of alkaloids which interact with the sympathetic nervous system of the body to produce unique, harmonious benefits. All this makes for a forceful argument as to why the stem and vein ought to be processed.

What are the unique benefits of the Kratom vein and stem?

Although the use of the vein and stem lowered the potency of the Kratom leaf, these parts are not without their own special set of benefits:

  • More relaxing and sedating effects as compared to pure leaf extracts
  • Takes longer time for the effects to set in
  • The effects lasting for 305 longer duration

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Kratom Vein and Stem

The fact that the Kratom vein and stem are not readily available makes it difficult to assess the costs and benefits associated with their use. People prefer the Kratom capsules and powders made from the regular De-veined Kratom. However on account of its unique benefits, the demand for Kratom vein and stem is much higher. The exclusiveness of this product makes people rush in order to grab it. Perhaps that is the reason, they are the more elusive lot of all Kratom products. Many Kratom users advocate blending the Kratom vein and stem with regular leaf in order to reap full benefits of the product.

Final Word on Kratom Vein and Stem

Many Kratom users rightfully believe that the Kratom tree is storehouse of health and wellness. Hence discarding a few parts will render them less useful and less beneficial.

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