Clearing the Kratom Confusion – Simplifying the Herb

The Kratom leaf which grew in abundance in the thick jungles of Southeast Asian had always been used by the local population as a part of their healing rituals. As the popularity of the herb increased it made its way into the western world, so also those many doubts surrounding the effectiveness of the herb. Should the first time user go in for the Super green Malay Kratom or the Maeng Da? Does the Red Thai really originate from Thailand? Are Kratom capsules better than Kratom powder? What do the color names indicate? Can the first time user start away with strains?

Kratom confusion leads to more questions and doubts. But getting the answers is not difficult.

  • First let us understand what the colors ‘green’, ‘white’ and red indicate. These colors indicate the color of the vein of the Kratom leaf from which originates the Kratom powder. Thus “red Thai” indicates that the Kratom leaf from which the powder was prepared has a red colored vein.
  • Now let us understand what do the country names indicate. They indicate the countries where the Kratom leaves are grown; though again this is slightly misleading. For instance the “Red Thai Kratom” is not grown in Thailand but in Borneo.
  • The third factor that creates a lot of Kratom confusion is the selection of the Kratom strain. Many experienced Kratom users will tell you that switching between strains reduces the possibility of developing tolerances. Also since each Kratom strain has a unique set of benefits, a new Kratom user can start by having white Kratom in the morning for energizing results and red Kratom in the night for relaxation.
  • Blends and fusion are another aspect which create a lot of Kratom confusion. Hulu Kapuas, Bentuangie, Sundanese are the names of fusions. They are created by blending two or more strains and not be confused with strains. The effects are highly individualistic and depend upon the potency of the individual strains.
  • Extracts and Tinctures are not the same as pure Kratom products. They are much stronger than Kratom leaves or Kratom powder and denoted by 15x or 20x. Extreme caution needs to be exercised while consuming these extracts and tinctures.
  • Another major question that creates a lot of Kratom confusion is the question: Is Kratom a synthetic drug? The answer is absolutely No! Kratom is perfectly natural and thrives naturally in the thick forests of Southeast Asia. There is nothing synthetic or artificial about Kratom.

Finally remember to reap the full benefits of Kratom, all doubts and confusion needs to be cleared and the herb approached with openness and clear mind. Only then you would be able to look at life with renewed vigor and eagerness.

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