Can Kratom help in treating Insomnia? Have a look

There are many medicines that you use to treat many kinds of health issues. Some of these medicines actually have a negative effect on your body. Negative effect always does not mean that it is going to cause some serious illness. It can also mean that it would disturb your daily routine like your hunger, your sleep and many other things. Many people face Insomnia due to the usage of chemical based medicine or even after using herbal medicine. But, now let us have a look at a herbal medicine, which can treat Insomnia along with other health issues. Yes, Kratom herbal medicine can be used for treating many health issues and that can be done by changing the dose and the type of Kratom that you are using.

New to Kratom?

Have you never heard of the name Kratom? Then you should first start with the introduction about what is Kratom. Kratom is basically an herbal medicine, which is made from a 44 meter tall tree, that is grown in South East Asian countries like Thailand and many others. There are many kinds of Kratom available in the market nowadays and also you can choose to use them in different forms as well. The different forms are powder, crushed leaves, capsules, tea, juice, oil and there are many other extracts as well.

Dosage details of Kratom

When you are using this herb Kratom for enhancing energy levels, treating nausea, euphoria or for getting relief from anxiety, you should take it in lower dose. When you are taking a higher dose, then you get sedation and relaxation effect. So, that means you should take it in higher dose when you intend to use for treating Insomnia.

How does it treat Insomnia?

There are many different ways in which it treats Insomnia. All sleeping problems and Insomnia are treated by offering a feeling of euphoria and well being. It also helps in reducing depression and anxiety. There are 90 percent of the people who are having Insomnia and sleeping problems because they are depressed an stressed mentally. So, when you are taking Kratom for treating Insomnia, it helps in getting relief from this kind of mental problems and hence it is the best medicine without any kind of side effects as well.

How to use Kratom for treating Insomnia?

When you are planning to use Kratom for inducing sleep and treating Insomnia, you should try it in trail and error method for the first few days. The types of Kratom that are right for treating Insomnia are Red Bali, Premium Indo Red Thai. The ideal dose can start from 3 grams to 4 grams, but you can increase till 8 grams depending on your tolerance levels. The time that it takes to put a person into sleep will differ from person to person and hence there is no ideal time for it. You can take Kratom before one and half hour to two hours. This is the time required for the medicine to work.

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