Which is more effective and faster? – Kratom Tea or Kratom Capsules

If you have heard about Kratom – the magical herb, then you should also be aware that this magical herb is available in many different forms. You have Kratom extracts like Kratom oil, resins and tinctures as well and the other forms are crushed leaves, capsules, powder form and tea bags. Among all these forms available in the market Kratom capsules and Kratom Tea are preferred more over other forms. The reason behind this is, you will not be able to get the bitter taste of Kratom powder when you are using these forms.

Let us take a look at these most commonly used Kratom forms to check which is faster and effective.

Kratom Capsules

Whether you are going for the crushed leaves or to the powdered form, you should know who much quantity of Kratom has to be taken and how much you are taking. You should measure it and then take the Kratom. If you are not having time for measuring the Kratom powder before you consume it, then you have Kratom Capsules readily available for you. You can directly consume the capsules, but while buying the capsules, make sure that you are buying the capsules of the dosage that is right for you. There are different capsules available with different dosage levels and hence you should buy the one you need. This is the simple way when you have no time and you should check the type of Kratom capsules before you buy them and start using.

Kratom Tea

When you are consuming Kratom in crushed leaves form or in powder form, you will have the bitter taste. Kratom is one of the best options to avoid the bitter taste. Yes, when you are making Kratom tea, then you can add honey or sugar to make your tea sweeter and you will not have to worry about the bitter taste. Another advantage of using a tea form is you can store the leftover tea in the refrigerator and the power of the medicine will not come down as long as you are storing in the temperature lower than the room temperature.

Which is more effective and faster?

When it comes to effectiveness, both are effective and it completely depends on the type of Kratom and the dosage that you are taking. But when you compare tea and capsules, in terms of faster effect, then it would be tea. There is a reason behind this and that is the liquid form can dissolve faster in the blood and show its effect immediately. The capsules will take more time compared to the tea form.

So, if you are using Kratom for treating chronic pain or other health issues which need immediate action, then take tea form. If you want to treat other problems, then you can take in capsule form, but again, there is another point to remember kratom tea needs to be prepared but capsules are readily available. So, you should decide which form is required based on your requirement.

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