What Is Kratom Tolerance and How to Avoid It

Kratom consumption is a growing hype nowadays because of the remarkable effects it provides. Kratom users claim that this herb is effective for pain relief, sedation, and for a boost in energy and one’s mood.

Also, it can make a person feel the “high” that is comparable to the effects of opium; that is why it is not surprising that you may enjoy the experience of its consumption.

However, just like any other drugs, herbs, or medicines, you can develop what kratom users say as the kratom tolerance.

What is Kratom Tolerance?

Remember the first time of your kratom consumption? Do you remember that the 2 grams you took can already make you feel some of the pleasant effects of kratom? However, as you use it along, you find the need to take more because the 2 grams does not work well enough for your body anymore.

That feeling when you do not feel the kratom potency in taking the original dosage is kratom tolerance. It is something that you do not want to experience.

It can require you to take the additional higher doses just to feel the effects which can be dangerous for your health. Taking larger doses as you use kratom may lead to dependency.

Remember that you should use kratom for medical purposes. You do not want to use it as a drug.

How Does It Work?

What Is Kratom Tolerance and How to Avoid It

To learn how your body becomes kratom tolerant, you should know something about kratom itself. This amazing herb contains alkaloids which can affect the chemistry of the brain. The two among these alkaloids, the mitragynine, and the 7-hydroxymitragynine plays the major role for it.

The 7-hydroxymitragynine is also known as the kratom’s opioid receptor agonist, and the mitragynine is the adrenergic and opioid receptor agonist. Both of these alkaloids are responsible for the kratom’s analgesic properties. Moreover, the 7-hydroxymitragynine has sedating properties, and the mitragynine provides stimulation.

Upon kratom consumption, these two significant alkaloids will work on the sites where the brain receptors are. It will take on the effect after 15 minutes or more. If these alkaloids reach a particular concentration level on the brain, the brain’s immediate response is to regulate the receptor sites to achieve balance.

If the concentrations of these alkaloids stay in the brain for a long time because of overconsumption, the brain’s down-regulation of the receptors will also last for a long time. This brain’s response is the reason behind kratom tolerance.

Ways to Avoid It

As you may have noticed, the brain’s reaction is due to the long-term presence of the alkaloid concentrations in the brain. Therefore, knowing how to limit yourself on kratom consumption will help you a lot to avoid kratom tolerance.

  • The best way to prevent or to get rid of kratom tolerance is to space the dosage intake. It means that you have to wait for some time until your body goes back to its homeostatic condition before taking another dose. Therefore, it is advisable to take a small portion of prescriptions once daily.

You may also decrease the dosage amount to eliminate tolerance.

  • Take different varieties of strain. The alkaloid level of each strain is different from one another. That is why it will be helpful if you rotate the usage of the strain to get rid of tolerance.

Switching kratom usage based on its vein color or strain is a good recommendation. For example, you can take the White Vein Thai on Monday, Red Vein Indo on Tuesday, Red Vein Borneo on Wednesday, and Green Vein Bali on Thursday.

At least four is the advisable strain varieties to use.

  • You may also take supplements that can slow the tolerance. Although the research on its efficacy is not enough, you may wish to try medicines that can slow down the opioid tolerance build-up. These substances found in these medicines are called NMDA antagonist.

The most common and natural NMDA is magnesium. Dextromethorphan that is found in cough syrup is also a good option. However, do not take a high dose of these substances because they may lead to serious side effects.

Kratom is supposed to be harmless and helpful. The user has to be responsible for its consumption to avoid kratom tolerance.

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