What Are the Types and Effects of Indo Kratom Strain?

By far, Indonesia is considered as the largest exporter of kratom and that’s why the Indo kratom has become widespread over the year.

Indonesia has an ideal environment where a lot of strains can grow abundantly and wildly. It has the perfect humidity as well as enough of the needed sunlight and rainfall for the strain to grow. That is why, when it comes to the kratom business, Indonesia is among the best regions for kratom growth as well as its production.

Take a look at the types and medicinal effects of the strain.

Types of Indo Kratom Strains

Indo is short for Indonesia, a term used to call the wide variety of strains that wildly grow in the country. Each of the Indo strain has its set of unique properties that often differs from other strains. The effects Indo kratom can give also depend on its type and color as well as the season.

What Are the Types and Effects of Indo Kratom Strain?1

Take a look at the different varieties and types of the Indonesia kratom.

  • White Vein Indo

Since it is a white vein, this Indo kratom is considered as the most stimulating of all kratom varieties from the country. Some even call this the special variety. This type of Indo strain is best known for its energizing but clean effects which is great for people who are constantly under strenuous tasks.

It can be great for energy boost as well as for pain relief. In addition, white vein Indo can also help alleviate depression and anxiety like other white vein strains.

  • Red Vein Indo

Similar to other red vein kratoms, the red vein Indo can also have a strong punch. Known as an “evening” Indo, this variety contains quite powerful mood-lifting, analgesic, and sedative properties.

However, if you are looking for an energizing strain, this type of Indo may not be the best choice for you.

  • Super Indo

The super Indo is one of the commonly bought and used kratom strains and it is for a good reason. This Indo variety is very potent in its right. With its “super” name, it’s quite obvious that it got some unique punch to it.

While the red vein Indo has some great effects, it lacks the energizing benefits. But, that is not a problem with the super Indo. It’s got the same relaxing and painkilling power of the red vein but also comes with mild energizing effects.

Aside from its effects, the super Indo also features a unique way to its harvesting process. This strain is only made using the largest of the harvested kratom leaves which has the highest alkaloid content. That is the reason why this strain has some potent effects even in small doses.

  • Premium Indo

This type of Indo kratom differs with the other varieties because of the “premium” process it goes through to get to the finished product. Here, the stems from the kratom leaves are removed completely before drying.

Because of this process, the final product becomes even more concentrated. It only makes use of the kratom leaves which are the only part that contains the active compounds needed.

The premium Indo strain provides the best quality you can find, and as such, it is the variety best recommended for beginners.

  • Ultra-Enhanced Indo

This kratom variety is composed of 25% of ultra-concentrated kratom extract which gives it its significant potency.

Medicinal Effects of Indo Kratom

Compared to other strains, the Indo kratom’s effects tend to depend on its color, as well as the season. But, here are some of the common effects it does have.

  • Mood Enhancer

Indo strain is considered as one of the most effective kratom varieties there is for enhancing the mood. It is because of its high 7-hydroxymitragynine content.

  • Pain Reliever

One of the reasons why the Indo kratom is widely used is because of its painkilling effects. The great thing about it is its painkilling effect tends to last a little longer compared to other strains.

  • Anxiety Reliever

The Indonesian strain is also often used as pain relief especially with its combined sedation and analgesic effects.

While there might be some side effects like wobbles and nausea, it only comes with much less than other strains. That is why the Indo kratom  is considered a “clean” strain.

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