Understanding Kratom Alkaloids – The Key to Attaining Benefits

There is science behind the amazing after effects of Kratom leaf. It is not magic. There is a reason why a Kratom user after chewing the leaves feels euphoric, rejuvenated and energetic. These effects can be traced to the powerful components present in the Kratom leaf commonly known as alkaloids. No scientific report about Mitragyna speciosa is incomplete without the mention of Kratom alkaloids. Let us know the mystery surrounding these bio active compounds and view them for what they i.e., naturally occurring healing agents.

Understanding Kratom Alkaloids and Why They Are Important

Kratom alkaloids intimidating as they sound are naturally occurring compounds that are found in organic plant life. Sometimes these alkaloids can be produced in laboratory also. Even modern medicine bases its formulas upon  these natural compounds. Let us quickly understand certain facts about alkaloids:

  • Alkaloids primarily contain nitrogen.
  • They occur naturally in many plant species and also fungi.
  • They are highly concentrated in the leaves of any plant.
  • They benefit human beings in a number of ways.
  • They have a bitter after taste.

The Main Psychoactive Kratom Alkaloids

The Kratom tree known to the scientific community as Mitragyna speciosa contains at least 40 distinct alkaloids in different concentrations. The proportion of these alkaloids of course depends upon the  individual strain and the place where it is grown. Each alkaloid interacts with the body and mind in unique ways and is responsible for unique benefits. The primary alkaloid found in these leaves is Mitragynine and is responsible for the psychoactive effects of the Kratom plant. This Kratom alkaloid though not an opiate  behaves like one. Research is still being conducted to understand the full impact of Mitragynine on the human body.

Broad Range of Kratom Alkaloids

The remaining Kratom alkaloids to a large extent resemble Yohimbe type  oxindoles. They behave in manner similar to opiates but without the addictive properties. Here are a list of other Kratom and their beneficial effects:

  • Ajmalicine – increases the supply of oxygen to the brain
  • Ajmalicine – lowers blood pressure and brings it within healthy limits
  • Mitraphylline – Relaxes muscles
  • Speciophylline – Fights leukemia
  • Epicatechin – Prevents Cancer

The Best Ways to Experience the Kratom Alkaloids

1.Chewing Kratom Leaves

Chewing fresh Kratom leaves is the cheapest and the best way to get all those alkaloids into your system. People living in the rain forests of Southeast Asia always followed this method to get freedom from pain and also to infuse energy into their daily lives. If fresh leaves are not available, you can always purchase dried and crushed leaves.

2.Blending Kratom powder with food

This adds taste to the entire Kratom experience and the user no longer experiences the bitter after-taste of Kratom powder. You can brew the Kratom powder into a tea, blend it with your juice or simply mix it into your oatmeal. This increases the efficacy of Kratom alkaloids and you begin to experience the benefits within a very short time.

3.Drinking Powder Infused beverages

This adds zing and freshness to Kratom. You can blend your Kratom powder in fresh orange juice or grape fruit. This not only reduces the nausea and constipation associated with Kratom, but also ensures that you reap the full effects of Kratom alkaloids within a very short time.

Finally remember smoking is the least efficient way to gain the Kratom benefit. The Kratom leaf owes its many benefits to the Kratom alkaloids. With a little bit of patience and practice, you can understand which method works best for you. For the Kratom alkaloids to create a change within you is just a matter of time.

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