The Best Kratom Strains to Use

If you have just embarked on your Kratom journey, perhaps you want to know about the best Kratom strains to use. Right from the olden days, the folks in the forests of South East Asia have been consuming Kratom. Kratom had always been a part of their healing and wellness routines. Kratom is versatile and by altering its dosage, you can achieve any effect that you want. At higher doses, Kratom typically relaxes, while at lower doses it energizes. Yet for a novice who has just begun to consume Kratom, finding the best Kratom strains to use forms an integral part of his/her wellness journey.

Let us see the 5 best Kratom strains to use:

Maeng Da – Sure shot Winner

Maeng Da promises relief from pain, a surge of energy and intense feelings of euphoria. Its power and strength have made it the most preferred herb among the Kratom population. That said a newbie who is just beginning to take Kratom should not take this strain because the sudden onset of effects might leave him/her dizzy and overcome with nausea.

Red Bali- The Most Calming Relaxant

While Maeng Da is a powerhouse of energy, nothing relaxes like the Red Bali. Red Bali tranquilizes the mind and allows the user with a night of restful sleep so that the next day he/she can wake up fresh and energized. The fun fact about Red Bali is that it is not grown in Bali, but in Borneo. The farmers from Borneo had to travel all the way to Bali to ship their produce. Hence the name – Red Bali Kratom.

With Red Bali, the effects are more gentle, the stress levels are reduced dramatically and users experience a gradual fading away of stress. Red Bali also has excellent analgesic properties and relives a user of chronic pains and aches.

Indonesian Kratom

The Indonesian islands with their warm, humid, tropical climate provide the perfect habitat for the Kratom trees to thrive and flourish.  The Indo strains produce a range of benefits that last long and fill the user with confidence. They stimulate natural energy and banish social inhibitions and introversion which plague many persons.

Green Borneo – All Time Favorite

Green Borneo promises the effects of both the Red Borneo and White Borneo. This means the user experience energy but not in sudden spurts. The gentle infusion of energy relaxes the user so that he/she experience harmony from deep within, is able to mentally focus and achieve excellence in every task.

Every Kratom experience is highly individual and unique. Hence there is no definite answer to the “best Kratom strains to Use”. Ultimately Kratom is all about improving one’s life and moving ahead with energy with all the aches and pains well behind you. Kratom spells hope and freedom to many people. With this herb, they can well put their aches and pains behind them and move ahead with confidence.

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