The 5 Most Popular Kratom Strains

Every Kratom user has a personal favorite strain based on its quickness, strength and duration. Each Kratom strain is unique and carries with it, its own legacy of healing and wellness. However for some reasons, a few strains do better than others. This is because they react better with the users’ bodies and the users report a better tolerance for them. Given below are the 5 most popular Kratom strains.

Maeng Da for Energizing

Maeng Da made it to the first of 5 most popular Kratom strains on the sheer basis of strength. Available previously just in Thailand, right now it is spreading its tentacles across the world. What makes Maeng Da rank highest in the list is its potency and long lasting energy . Not only does it banish all your chronic pains, but also leaves you with a feeling of euphoria.

Red Bali for Pain

The Red Bali Kratom is considered as the most relaxing Kratom Strain. The Red Bali which was originally meant for the hard working farmer to ease many aches and pains is now being recognized throughout the world for its relaxing properties. As one of the 5 most popular Kratom strains, nothing relaxes and heals like Red Bali. With Red Bali you can have a peaceful night and unwind, saying goodbye to all the stresses of the day.

Indo Kratom for Anxiety

The warm, tropical climate of Indonesia lets the Mitragyna speciosa plants thrive and flourish. The Kratom strain popularly known as the Indo Kratom strain provides you the effect which the most long lasting. With Indo Kratom strain, you are able to overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety and introversion and become more sociable and confident. The confidence instilling properties of the Indo Kratom strain pushes it to the top 5 Kratom strains.

Green Borneo For Harmony

The Green Borneo provides the user with an interesting blend of both energy and calming properties. Hence even as the user is filled with energy, the mind calms down, they are able to focus more and are able to reach goals with greater harmony. The Green Borneo Kratom strain also eases nagging pains of many years and helps the user to lead a calm, even paced life.

White Borneo for Euphoria

White Borneo symbolizes endless energy and euphoria. In ancient times, this strain was used to stimulate people to achieve more productivity. The users of this Kratom strain experience a paradigm shift in their concentration prowess and tend to feel more confident about facing life and dealing with its problems.

Final Thoughts on 5 Most Popular Kratom Strains

Every Kratom user has different needs and different goals in life. All this makes it difficult to zero on one particular Kratom strain as the most popular Kratom strains. Personal favorite depends upon which particular need you are looking towards fulfilling; remember every Kratom strain has carries with it a history of that place along with the mantras of  relaxation, healing, euphoria and energy.

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