Steps to Take When Your Kratom is not Working

If you are a regular Kratom user, you might experience occasional moments when your Kratom is not working. Such moments might send you into despair as you might not be experiencing the same effects that you always wanted. However, a few steps taken and a few issues pondered will provide you with answers. Eventually, you will be able to figure on your own why your Kratom is not working.

However in the beginning let us understand how Kratom works.

The Working of Kratom

Inside every Kratom leaf reside 40 alkaloids which function with each other and form complex conversations with the sympathetic nervous system in our body through bonding with cell receptors. In other words these alkaloids form partnerships with our brain and the sympathetic nervous system. These partnerships result in a multitude of benefits for the user.

Questions to Ask When Your Kratom is Not Working Properly

Question#1: Are you taking the correct dose?

Dosage plays an important role in the efficacy of Kratom. At lower doses, a Kratom user typically experiences a surge of energy and ability to focus inward. At higher doses, the Kratom user experiences sedation and relaxation. Hence ask yourself if you are taking the correct dosage. That said every body is unique and the threshold dose for each Kratom user is unique and different. Browse online forums to find out the optimum dosage for every strain.

Question#2 Have You Developed a Tolerance?

Tolerance is a word which many Kratom users dread to hear. Tolerance happens when you are ingesting a particular Kratom strain too frequently and for too long a time. In such a case, unfortunately many Kratom users increase the dosage which only proves counter effective. Higher doses bring in a surge of results all too quickly.  But these results fade away sooner than one wants them creating a vicious cycle of ingesting too much Kratom in the process. This is a precursor to addiction and should be avoided at all costs.

The best solution, in this case, is to swap strains and experiment with extracts. Sometimes staying off Kratom for some time helps the user eliminate tolerance. Also try different methods of having Kratom like blending it with tea or juice.

Question#3 Are you Ingesting Poor Quality Kratom?

As in other herbal remedies, quality plays an important role in the efficacy of this product. When your Kratom is not working, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where was this Kratom grown?
  • What effects does this Kratom strain produce?
  • What are the online reviews for this strain?
  • What is the online reputation of this vendor?

Some wholesale online vendors offer excellent quality at wholesale prices. If your Kratom is not working, try switching to high quality products.

Final Word

Remember if kratom does not properly it is just a minor set back because the specific strain you bought would have not been compatible to you.  With a little bit of clever introspection, you will be able to figure out why your Kratom is not working.

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