Smoking Kratom: Why You Should Never Attempt to do it

Claims about Smoking Kratom

“Does Smoking Kratom produce the same benefits as chewing them?” is a question commonly posed by many new Kratom users. Many online sites go as far as to claim that burning this plant or burning it like incense would yield the same intense benefits. This is however a false claim by any standards as the smoke will take a really long time to enter the blood stream and react with the cell receptors. Also the claims by people who say that they have smoked the Kratom leaf extract is highly questionable since you would be needing more than 20 grams of Kratom to produce the same effects of  a low dose of kratom powder which would hardly prove cost effective. Hence, it can be safely said that “smoking Mitragyna speciosa is not the best way to reap its full effects.”

Facts about Smoking Kratom

  • Theoretically, you can take crushed Kratom leaves or resins, roll them into your desired shape, light them up and smoke. However this smoking does not produce the instant energy enhancing effects which is the primary reason why anyone starts using Kratom in the first place. Many people who mistakenly assume that by smoking Kratom, they are going to experience a ‘high’ are sorely disappointed. Smoking is also a big waste of precious Kratom resources.
  • Kratom contains many active ingredients such as mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine , mitraphylline and  22 other identified alkaloids. These compounds once ingested circulate through the blood stream and bond with the cell receptor sites within the central nervous system. For the alkaloids to take full effect, they need to be delivered throughout the body to their appropriate receptors. Many people draw similarities between smoking a cigarette and smoking Kratom. However there is a small difference between the two. The time taken for nicotine to travel via passageways into the blood stream is 7 seconds. This makes smoking an efficient means of administering tobacco. However this is where the similarities end. The concentration of alkaloids in a Kratom is much lesser than the concentration of nicotine in a cigarette. Hence, it will take a much longer time for the bio active compounds to reach the bloodstream.
  • Also traditionally Kratom had never been smoked. The people of Thailand, Borneo and Malaysia have always preferred to chew the Kratom leaves. There has never been any documented history which shows evidence of these leaves being smoked. According to some people who have shared their “Smoking” experience, smoking Kratom would require approximately 14 grams which is a very high dose rarely recommended by the experts. Therefore, though it is physically possible to smoke Kratom, it is not one of the most efficient methods of administering alkaloids.

Finally, most of us are aware of the perils of smoking. Hence, through smoking Kratom, you make yourself more vulnerable to health risk such as damaged lungs etc. When it comes to this magical plant, crush it, chew it or brew it into a warm tea. Only then will you begin to experience a shift in your perspective.

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