Motarkbest Alternatives: Where Should You Buy Kratom?

Motarkbest or Motark kratom was a famous supplier back in the days. However, they are no longer operating today. The company has sold all of their stocks last December 2017.

After selling all their kratom supplies, Motarkbest has listed “vacation” as their reason for the dwindling supply of their kratom powders. The official subreddit of Motark has been wiped clean since then.

Fortunately, in January 2018, a user replied to a post regarding Motark that there had been other legit vendors that popped out after Motark stopped selling kratom.

Here are 5 Motarkbest alternatives that can provide you with high-quality kratom:

1.Socal Herbal Remedies

This company has been around for not very long, but they offer one of the best kratom capsules on the market. You can purchase their herbal tea capsules for only thirty bucks per bottle. And you can buy their tea at $5.00 per ounce of powder.

The company even offers a socal coupon with the code “sample9” that will enable you to get a $20 off your kratom order. Moreover, you can also avail an additional coupon with the code “split75” that can enable you to purchase a kilo of kratom for only $75.

The discounts can help you as the prices have been going up since the ban scare that is happening.

Users who have tried availing kratom from this company claimed that they have an outstanding Super Green Kapuas. Moreover, another kratom user wrote that Socal’s Green Bali Reserve is top notch. A Reddit user added that Socal has merely amazing products and a Red Bali that is on fire.

2. Gaia Ethnobotanical

Motarkbest Alternatives: Where Should You Buy Kratom?

This company has been one of the most trusted providers of premium kratom powder today. They have kratom blends, yellow vein kratom, and 20 times powdered extract of Maeng Da that are sold at $1.50 per gram. The price is not bad for a 20:1 extract.

The best thing about this company is they provide 100% transparency on their products. They continuously publish lab results for each strain that they sell.

The openness means that this company is taking the quality of their kratom seriously.

3. Herbal Salvation

If you are looking for kratom 500g in the market, you can avail a sample pack from Herbal Salvation. You are even given a chance to pick five different strains that are at 100 grams each.

Today, every kratom user should do their part in researching about kratom vendors to avoid harm.

After the salmonella outbreak, you must be extra cautious in determining who you are transacting with. There has been news of kratom hospitalizations that are caused by purchasing from unrecognized companies.

The reason behind the hospitalizations is because some companies cut kratom powders together with synthetic drugs.

When you check this company’s homepage, you will see that they guarantee a 100% organic and 100% natural kratom. Since there are many issues with kratom recently, it is essential for you to buy 100% natural and organic kratom.

4. Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom has maintained their loyal customers because of their diverse product line, coupon codes, regular rewards, and free shipping.

Moreover, they have an attractive logo that shows an illustration of a Kraken which is a mythical creature.

You can purchase low price tea powders with high-end alkaloid content in this company. You would surely love their Kraken Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract that has a mitragynine content of 37.5mg in every 5ml serving.

5. Purkratom

This company pushes advocacy in making kratom legal. Purkratom is based in Florida, and they offer free shipping. If you are looking for White Sumatra or Red Vein Indo, then this company is a perfect option.

This company prides in its versatile store that offers anxiolytics, analgesics, and adaptogens. They have everything that you are looking for, like horned kratom powders, natural sleep aids, and herbal joint complex.

Although their kratom capsules are a bit expensive, you can avail their botanicals and powders at a reasonable price. As a legit kratom vendor, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

No one knows if Motarkbest would still be operating again in the future. If you had done a transaction with them before they went out of operation, then you might know information regarding this.

For the meantime, you can purchase kratom from these five vendors while waiting for Motark’s comeback.

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