Methods of Preparing and Using Crushed Kratom Leaves

Preparing Crushed Kratom Leaves

If you are a Kratom enthusiast, you are probably looking out for methods of preparing and using crushed Kratom leaves. For thousands of years now, the cultures of Southeast Asia have been reaping the benefits of this magical leaf. Mitragyna speciosa popularly known as Kratom has been used by these people to alleviate their pains and aches, attain freedom from anxieties and depression and rejuvenate themselves to attain the finer objectives of life. Although the ancient folk plucked these leaves straight from the tree and would keep chew them, the methods now have become more evolved. For the Kratom to travel to many lands, it has to be crushed, keeping its essence intact.

The simplest method of transforming leaves into powder is to crush them. This can be done crunching the leaves with bare hands and collecting the remnant dust over a clean piece of paper laid out for the purpose. The second methods is drying the leaves and running them through a new pepper mill so that there are no left over spices. This can also be achieved by grinding the dried leaves.

Methods of Using Crushed Kratom Leaves

Once your Kratom powder is ready, you can stretch your creativity to any limit and enjoy its full benefits. Some of the popular methods are:

  • Eat the powder straight off a spoon. Follow it with a delicious drink such as orange juice.
  • Blend the powder into grape fruit juice. This will also prevent stomach upsets and disorders.
  • Blend it with soft food items such as jam and marmalade.
  • Add it to hot foods like soups and oatmeal.
  • Load the powder into empty vitamin capsules which you can purchase from health stores.
  • Fill the crushed Kratom powder into empty tea bags. Place it in a mug and pour hot water.

An important note: Always avoid smoking or snorting of this powder as it won’t enter into your bloodstream faster.

Dosage Instructions for Crushed Kratom Leaves

Dosage plays an important role in any Kratom preparation. Also the type of leaf and strain plays a crucial role in the beneficial effects. After a few trials and a little bit of experimenting, you will understand the dose that is best suited for your body. However the below dosage guidelines will help you initiate the process:

  • 1-3grams of powder: If you have just begun Kratom, start with this dose. The effects will start showing within a few minutes.
  • 3-5grams: This will provide you with the required energy. You will feel rejuvenated and vitalized.
  • 5-7grams: This is considered a strong dose. The effects are more of a relaxing and sedative nature.
  • <10grams: This is recommended only for the more experienced users. They produce heavy sedation.

Finally remember when it comes to preparing and using crushed Kratom leaves, there is no limit to creativity and ingenuity. Kratom inspires you to put your limitations behind you and embrace a new way of life.

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