Liquid Kratom: Origin, Benefits, and Dosage Guide

If you have been using kratom for quite some time or are a beginner who has been reading a lot about the strain, then you’ve probably heard or read about the liquid kratom.

It is a new form of kratom that you can try. A lot of its producers claim that the liquid extract can provide more powerful strain effects compared to when you are taking kratom in the powdered form.

Take a look at how this other form of kratom is made and its effects and dosage guide.

How Are Liquid Kratoms Made?

Liquid kratom, like any strain, originates from the kratom leaves. However, the process of obtaining the extract is quite different than that of the powdered form.

The liquid extract of kratom is made from kratom leaves that have been crushed and stuffed in a mixture of alcohol and water where it is dissolved. Depending on the amount of alcohol and leaves used in the process, the extract can have varying doses.

Placing the kratom leaves in the alcohol is simply done to allow it to store its alkaloids for a long time and not lose its potency.

Why Use Liquid Kratom Instead of Powder?

Liquid Kratom: Origin, Benefits, and Dosage Guide 1

Do you hate chewing kratom leaves but love the effect the strain can give you? Do you think making coffee or tea is too much work so you can only dissolve your kratom powder in it for a drink? Fortunately, there is a liquid kratom you can use.

This form of kratom is made with high-quality leaves which give it long-lasting and quick effects when you use it. It has also higher strength of strain compared to the kratom leaves or those in powdered form thus producing stronger effects.

This form of kratom is best used for people who are experiencing unbearable pain since that liquid can provide strong and immediate pain relief.

What Are the Effects of Liquid Kratom Extract?

The effects that the liquid kratom can provide mainly depend on the strain used to make the extract. But, here are some of the common effects in using kratom extracts.

  • Relaxation

One of the distinct effects of using this liquid version of kratom is its strong relaxing effects. It can stay for as long as six hours once ingested.

  • Sedation

Like other kratom forms, the liquid form can also cause sedation especially when you use it in high doses. However, it is worth noting that with its sedation effects, there can also be a case of dizziness.

  • Stimulation

Compared to kratom leaves and powder, its liquid counterpart can produce much greater stimulation. It is mainly because the alkaloids present in the leaves are concentrated because of the process used in making the extract.

  • Euphoria

Similarly, taking liquid kratom can also give very strong euphoria. However, this effect will not last for a long time. The effect will soon settle and you fall into a very relaxed state.

  • Analgesia

Liquid kratom is best known for its very strong analgesic effects especially because of its concentrated alkaloids.

Using this form of kratom can give you the same effects that most strains in powdered form can offer, but they are so much stronger. While this can help for immediate effects for people in need, its strong concentration can often cause the body to develop tolerance and that is where problems start.

Side effects and symptoms often come when the kratom extract is withdrawn from your system. These can include mild nausea, muscle ache, bone and joint pain, aggression, sweating, runny nose, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and jerky movements in arms or legs or both.

Getting rid of such symptoms usually includes proper and comprehensive therapy.

Liquid Kratom Dosage Guide

When you look for kratom in liquid form, they will be available packed in glass bottles in varying sizes. But generally, its standard size is 15ml. In taking kratom extract, you will have to use a dropper.

  • 1 Dropper

A dropper of the kratom extract is considered the threshold dose. This dosage can create an energetic feeling after being ingested. However, for most people it is only a light dose.

  • 2 Droppers

Two drops of the kratom in its liquid form are already considered a strong dose and will usually come with sedation effects.

Liquid kratom is highly concentrated and has very strong effects. While it is good for immediate results and effects, it can be easy to develop tolerance. Hence, it is not advisable to use liquid kratom on a daily basis.

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