Kratom Plant for Sale Growing and Harvesting your Own

If you are a Kratom enthusiast and are gifted with a green thumb, a Kratom plant for sale would excite you. You can grow your own supply of Kratom, customize the quality of these products to suit your needs and ensure that you consume only the unadulterated stuff. By doing this not only will you save on future purchases of Kratom, but will enjoy your journey with the Kratom plant. However before considering a Kratom plant in your garden space, there are a few things you should consider.

The Difficulty of Growing Kratom Plants from seeds

To many gardeners, growing a Kratom plant from seeds might seem like a simpler idea. After all, it involves sprinkling the seeds on freshly dug, loosened soil and adding water at regular intervals. However it should be remembered that these seeds have traveled a long distance. Within days of leaving the parent plant and in the ensuing travel, they would have lost their “Life force.” Hence, by the time you have prepared the soil for harvesting them, they are already dead. Secondly for these seeds to thrive and flourish into mighty trees, the climatic conditions of Southeast Asia need to be replicated which is near impossible.

The seeds also require an abundant sunlight or at least warm shade and a nitrogen rich soil. After withstanding all the adverse conditions if the seedling is fertilized, it would need protection for at least an year before the leaves get ready to be harvested. A tree would take at least a decade to fully mature.

All these reasons make seeds an impractical proposition. By purchasing a plant directly, you would be able to harvest the leaves and reap the benefits much early.

The Process of Growing a Kratom Plant

Here are some basic instructions for what to do once your plant arrives in the mail. Be sure to follow all included instruction carefully.

  • Carefully remove the plant from the package
  • Leave the plant to relax in a darkened room for a day.
  • Plant it firmly in the soil.
  • Water at regular intervals and ensure that the soil is always moist.
  • Create a plastic greenhouse from a soda bottle and create a mini humid environment.
  • Maintain moist and warm conditions.
  • These plants require 4-5 hours of direct sunlight per day. Hence if direct sunlight is not possible, add fluorescent lights
  • Add nutrients to the soil at regular intervals.
  • Provide air to the leaves through wind or fan.
  • Once your tree has taken root and the leaves begin to mature, you would be able to pluck them and dry them for further use.

Finally even as you continue to enjoy your Kratom products which you purchased online, do keep a look out for Kratom plants for sale. They will not only  help you grow your own Kratom products but will also connect you with the plant and all its inherent richness.

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