Kratom Drug Test – Risks, False Positives and Legality

Are you worried that you might face unwanted consequences from a kratom drug test? Many users work in an environment that routinely runs surprise drug tests. Others may have to regularly submit to such tests as per agreements with law enforcement. In all cases, no one wants to curtail their legal right to use Kratom out of fear of drug screening. Are these drug test fears found in reality? Let’s take a look at how Kratom users may or may not be at risk.

A Kratom drug test might send a Kratom user into a state of apprehension and worry. Many users work in an environment which routinely conducts surprise test for drugs. Some Kratom users might be even required by law to submit the results of such tests. Often many Kratom users worry that such tests might put a full stop on their use of Kratom. Let us briefly take a look at the possible risks of such Kratom drug tests by answering certain questions.

Does Kratom show on a standard Drug Test?

The answer is “No!”. A Kratom user who is worried that the plant and its alkaloids will show up in a standard drug test need not have any such fears. Employers and Government officials do not specifically screen for Kratom use as it is perfectly safe and protected in most parts of the world.

The Mitragyna speciosa plant does not have the same chemical composition as opium, heroin which are illicit and narcotic by nature. Hence it does not matter if you have consumed Kratom powder recently. That said there may be a couple of isolated cases where Kratom drug produced false positive. However the chances of this occurring are extremely rare.

Does a Kratom drug Test generate a false Positive for other Opiates?

Many a time drug tests do generate false positive results. For instance sometimes ingesting ibuprofen or pseudo ephedrine or even consuming a simple bagel coated with poppy seeds causes the tests to show positive results. However all this does not mean that Kratom will indicate opium consumption either through blood or urine on a drug screen.

Is Kratom an opiate?

No, it is not. Although Kratom influences the sympathetic nervous system in the same way that opiate does, it does not form a damaging bond with the cell receptors. Kratom neither creates physical addiction nor does it result in any long term health risks. On the contrary, Kratom soothes damaged cell receptors and makes it easy for the addict to curtail its consumption on a sustained basis.

False Positives after a Kratom Drug Test

In the extreme case of a false positive, the subsequent gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GR-MS) would rule out the consumption of any illegal drug.

Does a Kratom Drug Test Exist?

Yes. Some pharmaceutical companies that hope to bank on hot scandals involving herbal remedies have started introducing such tests. The fact that these companies do not spend the same funds on conducting honest research and intentionally dwell on public fear regarding consumption of “legal highs” is very unfortunate. Luckily however such tests are not very popular at the moment and do not form a part of the employer’s drug testing. Also you can be reassured that even in the case of Kratom drug test coming positive, you are well within your legal rights of consuming Kratom.

Hence, a Kratom user has no reason to fear Kratom drug test-it will in no way threaten his freedom or legality.

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