How to use Kratom as an Analgesic and Attain Freedom from Pain  

Kratom as an Analgesic

Deep in the forests of the Southeast Asia, the humble folks residing there have always viewed Kratom as an analgesic. The ancient Southeast civilization had found a magical cure to get rid of all these nagging, chronic pains. Now the modern world is also slowly waking up to this miracle herb- Kratom. Previously, this plant extract was looked as means to improve vitality and energy, now the rest of the world is also looking at Kratom as an analgesic, something which can grant you instant freedom from pains that have been tormenting you since years. The reasons listed below will make you view this herb in a new light  and with new hope.

1. Kratom as an Analgesic is perfectly safe

Kratom as an analgesic offers a new lease of life to many whose life is ruled by the many muscular chronic pains. This traditional medicine which has roots in Southeast Asia  is produced from the Kratom leaf which is again loaded with bio-active compounds called the alkaloids. These compounds converse with the cell receptors in the body to create a feeling of wellness. They soothe and heal. A remarkable feature of this entire healing process is that they do not create a negative opiate like relationship with the cells.

2. Kratom as an analgesic has a fewer side effects

The side effects that occur as a result of Kratom as an analgesic are very mild and temporary. These are light nausea, sleeplessness and mental fog. However, they last for such short duration that some users hardly feel them.

3.Kratom as an analgesic has an excellent health record

Kratom has been used as an analgesic since many years. In all these years, there have been no documented cases of injury or illness linked with its use. In fact Kratom is less harmful than the prescription pain killers which pose serious hazards such as abuse, complications and addiction.

Which Pains can Kratom treat?

Kratom leaf can treat mild to severe symptoms. Kratom can treat pains caused by injuries as well as chronic pains. In a nutshell, it can cure:

  • Sore tendons.
  • Back pain.
  • Light injuries – scratches, cuts, etc.
  • Pulled/torn muscles.
  • Joint inflammation.
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Cost Comparison: Kratom as an Analgesic versus Prescription  Pills

Pain management can become an expensive affair especially for a person who had been suffering for ages with this condition. Many factors such as a huge pharmacy bill, monthly expense of maintaining health insurance create a hole in the sufferer’s pocket. Enduring pain, paying through the nose for medications all become a vicious cycle which he finds difficult to break.

In this scenario, Kratom as an analgesic is an affordable alternative. The sufferer does not have to bend backwards to procure it. The Kratom powder does not require a prescription, paying for health insurance, registering for card or even a visit to doctor.

The Kratom Strains Best Suited for Pain

The Red Bali Kratom strain is a gentle analgesic that not only relieves pain but also relaxes and sedates. The user experiences immediate relief from pain and is able to rest peacefully.

On the other hand, an energetic strain such as Maeng Da Kratom not only relieves you of your pain, but also fills you with energy and vitality needed for the day.

Final Word

Easily affordable and with less side effects, Kratom as an analgesic is a powerful means to break free from all those tormenting pains of the past.

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