How to Figure out the Correct Kratom Extract Dosages

For a Kratom user, correct Kratom extract dosage plays a vital role in ensuring that the full benefits of the herb is released within the shortest time possible. Kratom extract powders are excellent and economical way to boost Kratom power. However while using the Kratom extract, you need to adjust the dosage to gain maximum efficacy. Too much of the Kratom extract creates tolerance in the user, while too little will hardly make a difference.

Understanding the Back ground of Kratom Extract

Traditionally Kratom leaves have always been chewed by the tribal folk residing in the forests of Southeast Asia. With time, people started collecting leaves, drying them, crushing them and storing the dry powder.  However all this requires time so a typical Kratom user  started looking for modern and sophisticated methods of storing Kratom where there wouldn’t be any loss of potency and strength. With time, the technique of extraction emerged.

The Kratom extract is obtained traditionally by boiling Kratom leaves slowly until they form a thick, dense resin. The resin is allowed to cool and powdered. The resulting powder that emerges is known as extract powder. The strength of the Kratom extract is indicated by a number followed by “x” sign. Hence an extract that says “15x” indicates that it is 15 times more potent than the normal Kratom powder.

Extracts are sold separately or added to the normal powders. When they are added to the normal powders, they assume the label “enhanced”.

Understanding Kratom Extract Dosage

Does rating 15x necessarily indicate that the final effect would be 15 times stronger? The traditional definition of Kratom extract seems to suggest so.  However Kratom powders by themselves are so potent that 15 times more potency might not be desired. Hence 15x more actually means that the extract contains 15 time more alkaloids. These alkaloids command the cell receptors in our body to both stimulate and relax the mind.

Thus the effects of these Kratom extracts can be summarized as:

  • Lower Doses: More stimulating, invigorating effects. The user experiences uplifting of mood and enhanced focus and improved concentration.
  • Higher Doses: More relaxing and calming results experienced. Blood Pressure is lowered, stress fades away and muscles begin to relax.

Kratom Extract Dosages and Effects

Since Kratom extracts promise higher alkaloid content, it is better to approach Kratom extract with restraint and control.

  • 0.5grams: This is the lowest dose and is the threshold dose for most of the Kratom users. Even with this small dose, Kratom users begin to experience the full benefits of Kratom. These extracts come in capsules and prove very economical and convenient.
  • 1gram: This median dose can prove to be a bit strong for more people and can again be consumed by swallowing capsules.
  • 5grams: This is a very high dose and should be avoided as far as possible. At this high dose, users experience sedation. However this high dose always has the risk of creating tolerance in the user.  You can avoid tolerances by sticking to a moderate Kratom dosage and switching between Kratom strains and powders.

For the new Kratom user and the more experienced one, correct Kratom extract dosage promises an improved way of life.

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