Guide to the Effects of Different Kratom Strains and Dosages

Kratom strains and dosages – What are they?

The world of Kratom is ruled by Kratom strains and dosages. Any reference to Kratom would be ineffective unless the strain, dosage and effects are mentioned. A new user would be overwhelmed by these terms. As a Kratom user, your first choice would be regarding the type of effect you are looking for in the long run. Are you looking forward to leading a relaxed lifestyle? Or are you in need of energy? Do you have chronic pains tormenting you? Once you are able to answer these questions, choosing one Kratom product becomes much easy.

The fact that there is no standardization in the naming of these products makes it more difficult to decide upon the Kratom strains and dosages. However terms like commercial, supreme, enhanced and ultra give a rough idea about the potency of Kratom.

Let us now understand the effects of different Kratom strains and dosages:

Bali Kratom

This strain is stimulating at low doses. At higher doses it sedates and relaxes. Hence if you are looking for invigoration you can start with 2-4 grams. If you increase the dosage to more than 4 grams, you will begin to experience sedation and drowsiness. However in no case, should you consume a dose that is higher than 10 grams. Also remember at higher doses, the Bali Kratom produces nausea. The effects of this strain are energy, stimulation and invigoration at lower doses and sedation, relief from pain and relaxation at higher doses.

Red Thai Kratom

This strain which promises to energize and invigorate is less relaxing than the Bali Kratom. Many people consume Red Thai Kratom when they are involved in rough physical activities. For the invigorating effects to manifest, the dosage that is required is 2-8 grams. At the lower end of this spectrum, Kratom boosts both physical and mental energies, motivates and also improves alertness. Any higher end, this strain relaxes and sedates. At 8 grams, the user finds that his/her chronic pains have disappeared and experiences high relaxation.

Malaysian Kratom

This strain comes in many forms like white Malay, Red Malay and the Green Malay. The white Malay Kratom strain produces excellent energizing effects, while the red Malay relaxes and sedates. The White Malay plays the middle ground creating both energy and relaxation. Sometimes you can create a blend of these strains to produce unique benefits.

Sumatra Strain

Sumatra strain is cultivated on the Indonesian islands and comes in two distinct strains-red and white. The red veined Sumatra Kratom relaxes both body and mind and produces sedation while the white veined Sumatra is very potent and energizes the body and mind. The effects of Sumatra strain tend to last longer than other strains.

Finally remember Kratom strains and dosages are all about making improvements in the quality of life so that everyday the user is not deprived of energy and relaxation.

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