A List of Online Vendors Offering Free Kratom to Their Clients

Why Do Vendors Offer Free Kratom?

It’s apparent what the difference is between Kratom vendors who are profit-oriented and those who put their clients’ best interests. It’s the rewards they offer their customers, even the new ones. Vendors who care about the welfare of their clients offer rewards and discounts, so these clients will keep coming back.

As you may have already noticed, reputable vendors offer free Kratom from time to time.

These free samples will give each customer the opportunity to try out the products first before purchasing them. Moreover, if these vendors only provide the best, they will instantly gain each customer’s trust, thus, increasing sales and attracting even more customers.

A List of Online Vendors Offering Free Kratom to Their Clients1

Listed below are among the most trusted vendors who offer free Kratom and other freebies to their customers.

     I. Legit Kratom

It’s one of the most in-demand Kratom merchants online. They get their supplies from credible sources from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Indeed, their reputation matches their name. They always make sure that each customer is satisfied with their products and services.

They offer free Kratom randomly, so it’s best if you check their website often. They give out certain products; however, they mostly offer the Green Kratom.

     II. Laughing Lion Herbs

They are quite new to the online Kratom business. They started operating sometime in 2015.

They offer free samples to their new customers before buying. You can choose any type, as long as it isn’t among the infinity blends. Once you have chosen a strain, they will give you six to ten grams sample for free. What’s more, you can try out a maximum of five samples each year.

     III. Kingdom Kratom

They are unique among other vendors. What they’re selling isn’t available in other online stores. Instead of the powdered, liquid, and capsule forms, they are selling Kratom gummies.

They are handmade, and each gummy is equal to an estimate of 10 g of the real thing. They offer other strains of the gummies, but most of them come from the Red or Green Maeng Da.

If you’re the explorer type, you might want to try something different. They offer you one free sample of their gummies if you’re interested.

You’re entitled to one free gummy. However, you need to pay for the shipping.

     IV. Tucson Kratom

This vendor also has a unique strategy. While they sell many of their stuff online, they have another method of distributing their products. They sell their Kratoms through vending machines in areas within Arizona.

They also offer free samples, but not all the time. You have to check their website and vending machines if they’re offering.

     V. Kratom Exchange

These vendors are all about purity. They require their products to be directly taken from the trees and cultivated with natural fertilizers. Moreover, they demand that each product is dried while sealed with barns to safeguard the alkaloids and protect the Kratom leaves from too much sun.

Because of this, their Kratom products have an excellent potency that can last for many months.

They offer free samples in two methods:

  • Free Kratom for new clients. They are allowed to get free samples that come in three- to ten-gram packs. This includes one green, one white, and one red strain. The client can choose the strain. If they come back, they will be given a discount code that is around 15% off.
  • Free samples are given if you purchase at least $15.
     I. Kratom Monkey

Their goal is always to sell the purest forms of Kratom. They are against in the method of adding and mixing synthetic ingredients.

They offer one free sample to new customers. But, like other vendors, they will require you to pay for the shipping fee.

     II. Free Kratom Trial

These vendors are also recognized as one of the best suppliers of Kratom. Many users can testify that their products are of high quality. Their supplies are packed in vegetable capsules, which is healthy and fresh.

Check out their website from time to time since they also offer free Kratom sometimes.

These are only some of the reliable online vendors that you can get free Kratoms from. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to test and compare which of them offers the best quality that won’t hurt your wallet.

Be careful in selecting and do not compromise quality with cheap products. Happy shopping!

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