A first step before you start using Kratom – Know its history

Do you know what Kratom is? This is a kind of herbal drug which is very popular in the market nowadays. You get a lot of information about this wonderful herb Kratom and there are many benefits of using this as well. But, do you really think that just knowing the list of the benefits of using Kratom is enough to start using it? Your answer should definitely be NO. Because, it is very important for you to know about the history of this herbal tree and then start its usage. If you are ready to know more about this herb, then continue reading this article. This article is just for those who love to know more about the product that they are going to use.

What actually is Kratom?

There is a lot of information that you need to know about Kratom before you start using it. The Kratom is very much similar to a coffee tree and this tree is grown in South East Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand. This is a herb, but the herbal medicine is made from a 44-meter long tree. When you are taking it in a lower dose, then you enjoy the stimulant effect and while you are taking in high dose, then you enjoy the sedative effect.

What can be treated using Kratom?

Initially, it was just used for treating pain, treating for opiate addiction and diarrhea, but now this herbal medicine is being used for treating many health conditions like anxiety, depression, mood swings and many others. As the medicine got popular, the benefits of this medicine also started increasing as the people who are using this herbal product start experiencing different positive results in their body. But people started misusing this product as well. They started to introduce this herbal product in clubs, parties, music festivals and other social gatherings. This was just to keep them energized and in a good mood for a very long time. This is something that needs to be avoided.

Many ways to ingest Kratom

As this tree was earlier found only in the dense forests of South East Asian countries, the people who lived in and around these forests used to chew Kratom leaves to enjoy its benefits. But now the leaves are dried and crushed to use them in different ways. The crushed leaves are further converted into a powder which can be taken directly with water. But it is not so easy to take it directly as the taste is very bitter. To kill the bitter taste of Kratom, the powder is often mixed with juice or some food to make it a bit tastier. You can also make a tea of Kratom, by using Kratom powder or by using the crushed leaves.

In spite of being banned in many countries, this herbal medicine is not considered as  a “drug of concern” by the US Drug enforcement Administration as there are no side effects or no deaths reported due to use of Kratom.

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