A review on red vein Thai Kratom

A review on red vein Thai Kratom

Kratom is one of the most popular natural herbs and its popularity is increasing day by day. There are many varieties of Kratom available in the market based on the place that is grown and also based on the color of the vein. Among so many varieties, Red vein Thai Kratom is very popular and is very effective as well. The red vein Thai Kratom is also called as Red Thai. There are many stores which sell green Thai Kratom as well, but the most popular one is Red Thai Kratom compared to the Green Thai.

Red Vein Thai Kratom

Almost all the Kratom leaves or trees share the same properties, but the difference is made based on the color of the vein of the leaves. The strong central vein of the leaves is in reddish color of the Red vein Thai Kratom leaves. This is due to the presence of certain kind of chemicals in the leaves. Many farmers who take care of the harvesting of these Kratom trees report that the red vein Thai Kratom harvest is high compared to the other kinds. There are other reports also which state that the color of the vein of the leaves keeps changing depending on the temperature or the season. There are no specific tree for red leaves, white vein leaves or green vein leaves. The farmer separates the leaves based on the color of the vein and then dry them to make them into powder.

Effects of Red Vein Thai Kratom

The most selling Kratom types are Bail Red vein Kratom, and after that second most selling Kratom is Red Vein Thai Kratom. There is just a slight difference between these two Kratom. Red Vein Thai Kratom gives you stimulant effect even at low dose. The effect of this medicine will last for longer time, but its effect on treating chronic pains is less. There are just a few side effects of using Kratom and that is Nausea. But with Red vein Thai Kratom, there are very less chances of being affected by Nausea as well.

Dosage information about Red vein Thai Kratom

Whether you are going for Red vein Thai Kratom capsules, crushed leaves or powder form, it is a bit expensive than other forms of red vein Kratom. But the difference in price is very less. Your Red vein Thai Kratom dose should not exceed 2 to 8 grams per day and make sure that you are taking high quality Kratom from better results. This red vein Kratom should always be taken only in lower doses and it will give you a similar effect of drinking coffee. Your energy levels will be increased and you will have stimulating effect on your body. When you are facing any side effects even after taking the possible lower dose, then you should consult the doctor immediately.

Check for the possible best Kratom seller as it is important to take the high quality Kratom to get the desired effect on your body.

Summarizing the Kratom Experience

Summarizing the Kratom Experience

Kratom is an indigenous tree that thrives in the deep jungles of Southeast Asia. For many years now, the people in these forests have been using Kratom as a part of their healing routines. For a farmer who spends the entire day toiling under the hot sun, nothing is more soothing than a warm Kratom tea brewed with simplicity and very less effort.  Let us understand the Kratom experience as described by many Kratom users:

Kratom – The Stimulating Beverage

Most of the Kratom users prefer to start their day with Kratom. Kratom unlike coffee does not produce sudden bursts of energy. Rather the release of energy is slow and sustained so that the body gets used to it. Also there is no sudden slump of energy. Hence for a typical user, who begins his/her day with 2-4 grams of this herb, the typical Kratom experience can be described as “stimulating”, “invigorating” and “energizing”. At this stage the mind is more alert, one’s concentration improves and all melancholy disappears.

Kratom – The Relaxing Beverage

Many a times a person wants to relax, yet he cannot. His body is overcome with fatigue. There are a thousand things weighing on his mind and he is unable to fall asleep. At such times, Kratom lulls the body into a complete state of relaxation. At this stage, a person is able to completely De-stress and fall asleep. Conditions like insomnia disappear. Hence, at higher doses like 8 grams, the Kratom experience can at best be described as “relaxing” and “sedative”.

Kratom – The Healing Herb

Kratom is gentle on stomach. At slightly higher doses, it eases the chronic, nagging pains of many years. The aches disappear. You will be able to breathe in a lot more easy and experience a healing at both the physical and psychological levels. With the pains behind you, you will finally be able to experience freedom. Hence people who suffered from conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions have described their Kratom experience as “Healing” and “Gentle”.

Kratom – The Euphoric Herb

As the pains and aches gradually subside, the body slips into euphoric state of mind. The user hovers between lucid dreaming and waking up. At this stage, there might be a little nausea, but it gradually subsides on lying down. At this stage, the Kratom herb mimics the opiod. But herein lies the difference, Kratom does not damage the body the same way as these opioid do. Kratom heals the body. Hence by a recovering drug addict, the experience is most often described as “euphoric”.

The Kratom experiences as described above are unique and different depending upon the type of body, metabolic rate and the purpose for which the user is consuming Kratom. However in a nutshell, the Kratom experience can be described as “enriching” paving the path for many users towards hope and freedom.

Mitragyna Parvifolia Versus  Real Kratom – Comparitive Analysis  

Mitragyna Parvifolia Versus  Real Kratom – Comparitive Analysis   

Mitragyna parvifolia- An Overview

The  Mitragyna parvifolia constitutes the staple food of caterpillar. In recent times this tree is being increasingly used as a substitute for its more popular counterpart- the Mitragyna speciosa. Will this lesser known tree offer the same benefits as Kratom is a question that needs to be answered. But before that let us have a look at the structure of this tree’s leaves, its composition and structure. These comparisons will provide us answers to long term questions such as making it an affordable alternative to the Kratom tree.

The Mitragyna parvifolia Tree

The Mitragyna parvifolia tree popularly known as the “Kadamb” tree in Northern India can grow up to a height of 75 feet tall and for centuries now, its bark, leaves and fruits have been used in folk medicine. The leaves of these trees are loaded with natural alkaloids such as dihydrocorynantheine, isorhynchophylline, hirsutine, and rhynchophylline all of which are alien to any Kratom enthusiast. These alkaloids though differing in the nature do produce some benefits which are different from those produced by the Kratom leaf.

However all this has not stopped the marketers from cashing on the popularity of the Kratom plant and offering Mitragyna parvifolia tree as a more cheaper substitute.

Comparing Mitragyna speciosa and Mitragyna parvifolia

Why was Mitragyna parvifolia unable to with stand competition with the Kratom. While there are several reasons, the most important ones can be described below:

1. Mitragyna parvifolia did provide the users with bursts of energy. However these bursts of energy while being highly imbalanced produced side effects such as dizziness, disorientation and lack of coordination. Also the more popular benefits of the Kratom leaf such as relaxation and calming the mind were seen to be completely absent. The energy bursts that the user experienced were also reported to be jagged and lasted for ninety minutes. Hence the typical Kratom enthusiast could never equate Kadamb with Kratom.

2. However the Mitragyna parvifolia is not without benefits. Traditionally it had been used as folk medicine to cure medical conditions involving blood. Even today it is used to soothe fevers and upset stomachs. Its anti inflammatory and analgesic properties have always provided relief from chronic pains. The leaves have always been used to dress wounds and treat Type-II diabetes. However, the Kratom users have reported more benefits from its continued use. Depending upon the strain used, it produces a number of benefits such as:

  • Reducing stress
  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Powerful analgesic
  • Immunity Booster
  • Improves cellular health
  • Helps sharpen concentration and focus
  • Infuses the user with euphoria
  • Helps get rid of insomnia
  • Fills the user with all day energy

Although Mitragyna parvifolia is a genuine medicine that has been used since many ears, it can never be compared with Kratom as the after effects and benefits are distinct and clear. Kratom not only benefits your body and mind, but also fills you with peace and tranquility.

Red Vein Indo Kratom Strain – A Review

Red Vein Indo Kratom Strain – A Review

The Red Vein Kratom- De-Stress-er and Relaxant

The Red Vein Indo Kratom strain is one of the strains not very easily found. Often confused with the Red Borneo Kratom strain, this strain is becoming increasingly popular because of the extreme relaxation and calmness it offers within minutes of ingesting it. Due to the highest proportion of mitragynine present, it is preferred by people to alleviate the daily stress and anxiety levels. Thus, the Red Vein Indo not only relaxes, but also calms and settles a restless mind.

Benefits of Red Vein Indo Kratom

As we all know, the Mitragyna speciosa is an ancient Southeast Asian Plant, which has been in medicinal use by the natives since a number of years to alleviate a number of symptoms. Depending on the strain and the color of the leaf vein, the Kratom produces a number of effects ranging from high energy and intense to relieving pain and completely relaxing the body. A user of the red vein Indo Kratom experiences a number of benefits such as:

  • Relief from chronic pains and aches
  • Total muscle relaxation
  • A fall in the stress levels and anxiety
  • Reduce restlessness and sleeplessness
  • Pleasant sensations on the skin
  • Infuses positivism and optimism
  • Possesses cancer fighting abilities
  • Is capable of bringing down high blood pressure levels to reasonable limits
  • Enhances the immunity

The Red Vein Indo Kratom- What the Users Say

A seasoned Kratom user will tell you that the that the effects of the Red Vein Indo kick in immediately. The effects are rapidly felt and according to some users, a feeling of total calm seeps through the entire body moments within taking the first sip. With the quick onset of these effects, a user is elevated to a state of complete alertness elevating the mood to and producing within the user a sensation of euphoria. With their chronic pains having faded to a large extent, the users of the Red Vein Kratom strain are able to embrace life with zeal and optimism. As compared to the white strained Kratom, which is more intense and energetic, the red version is calmer and more soothing.

The Red Vein Indo Kratom- sage and Usage Instructions

Most of the Red Vein Kratom strains being more potent than their counterparts, it is always a safe bet to start out with a small dosage and make increments at even paced intervals. Finally, any user should not exceed 3.5 grams at any cost.

The Red Vein Indo Kratom- Final Word

The Red Vein Indo Kratom takes out the stress out of life and helps you to appreciate the finer nuances of life such as spending time with your friends, being away in the lap of nature or listening to your favorite music and songs. This being said, the Red Vein Indo Kratom is very difficult to acquire; if you want to experience the same equanimity in life, perhaps you can try the red Vein Borneo. The results would be almost similar. You will be able to embrace life all over again.

Kratom Full Spectrum Tincture Review

Kratom Full Spectrum Tincture Review

Kratom Full Spectrum Tincture – An Overview

Seasoned Kratom users would be familiar with Kratom Full Spectrum Tincture, known more popularly as the FST. What makes it so appealing to the advanced Kratom user is its utter simplicity, which amplifies the full benefits of the Kratom leaf in a number of ways. Like all Kratom products, the Kratom Full Spectrum Tincture has its own set of risks; hence while purchasing Kratom tincture, make doubly sure that the Tincture has the full spectrum. Full Spectrum indicates that it is loaded with all the alkaloids of Mitragyna speciosa.

A tincture is formed by mixing an animal or plant extract and dissolving it in a concentrated liquid formula, consisting of 25% alcohol and 75% water and the organic material. Tincture has long been used as a medicine for treating many kinds of physical ailments.

The hallmark of a perfect FST is that it should possess all the natural properties of the Kratom plant and should come in a well preserved, well concentrated condition.

What distinguishes a FST from a normal Kratom tincture is that it contains the entire range of alkaloids which are more than 40 in number. The other tinctures contain only mitagynine in isolation. Hence, there is no possibility of mitagynine interacting with other alkaloids. In the absence of interaction, the user does not experience the typical “Kratom effect”. Any tinctures other than FST are drab, dull and lifeless.

Kratom Full Spectrum Tincture – Dosage and Usage Instructions

Like any other Kratom extract, the Kratom’s FST is also graded on the basis of its potency and strength by assigning it a numeric score. Hence a Kratom FST of 8x or 15x indicates more potent than the usual Kratom. However highly concentrated tinctures might have some alkaloids missing and need to be viewed with suspicion.

Why You should Start Using Kratom – Full Spectrum Tincture

Full Spectrum Tincture require little or no effort. Just a drop on your tongue is sufficient. If you love experimenting, you can squeeze it into a variety of drinks such as lemon juice or water.

Full Spectrum Tincture acts quickly, within seconds. Many users swear that they are able to experience the effects within seconds of having. This is in sharp contrast to ingesting it with food, where the effects take at least half an hour to manifest.

Full Spectrum Tincture is loaded with concentrated alkaloids, hence it is not only swift, but requires a little amount to reap the full benefits.

In many tinctures and powders, the Kratom tastes bitter. However in Full Spectrum Kratom, the effects disappear immediately. Also the fact that it can be washed down with any drink makes it highly convenient.

Final Word- Kratom – Full Spectrum Tincture

This bottle is usually available in 15ml bottles. However when purchasing, make sure that you are purchasing a Full Spectrum one to attain the entire range of benefits. Kratom Full Spectrum Tincture is an ideal solution for the user on the go who can just squeeze a few drops of it into their mouth and get on with every day activities.

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The Vietnam Kratom Strain – A Review

The Vietnam Kratom Strain – A Review

Origins and History Behind the Vietnam Kratom Strain.

One of the latest strains to hit the Western market in recent time is the Vietnam Kratom strains. Like all Kratom strains, the Vietnam Kratom strain bears an interesting blend of myth and history behind it. These 5,000 years old Mitragyna speciosa strains promise a whole new set of medical benefits to the user. Vietnam, which has the Mekong river flowing through it, is blessed with the right amount of soil and climate needed for the Kratom strain to flourish. With just the right amount of hydration and humidity, the Kratom trees in this region are loaded with almost 25% more alkaloids than others. More alkaloids make the Vietnam Kratom strain more mood enhancing and stimulating.

Benefits of Vietnam Kratom Strain

  • This strain manifests the effects rapidly
  • There is a balance between relaxation and energy
  • The people who use the Vietnam Kratom strain experience clarity of their mental faculties
  • There is a marked visual improvement
  • It settles any discomfort of the stomach
  • It offers relief from chronic pain.
  • There is no bitter after taste.
  • The effects last for as long as 6 hours
  • The users experience positive emotional state.

Vietnam Kratom Strain Compared with Maeng Da Strain

Between Maeng Da Kratom and Vietnam Kratom strain, the former is more potent and powerful. The high alkaloid count in both  these strains make it ideal to reap stimulating benefits.  While Maeng da is the most powerful of the two, Vietnam Kratom promises more inner clarity and greater harmony.

Usage and Dosage Instructions of the Vietnam Kratom Strain

The dosage that is recommended for the Vietnam Kratom strain can be anything between 2g to 8g per day. It should be remembered that Kratom when taken in lower doses. Some people equate Vietnam Kratom strain with coffee, but the energy that you get from the Vietnam  Kratom lasts longer and is smoother than the boost that caffeine provides.

Vietnam Kratom Strain – Other Important Trivia

It is interesting to note that the Vietnam Kratom strain is illegal in the country of its birth, although the exact legality is not very definite and clear. According to some natives, the law is not strictly enforced. This can be seen similar to Thailand banning its own Red Vein Thai Kratom. It is ironic that such bans are imposed to curb the competition with the opium plant which is abundantly grown in this region. Again it is funny to note that these Kratom strains are used to reduce opiate dependency and restore bodies to normal balance.

Vietnam Kratom Strain – Final Word

This delicate strain which promises its users a deep sense of inner harmony can be used for both relaxation and energy. The benefits however vary according to the individual biochemistry and personal sensitivity of each body type. When purchasing the Vietnam Kratom strain, it is advisable to make a thorough assessment of the vendors and make a wise choice.