Survival of The Best: Top 7 Kratom Vendors of 2016

Survival of The Best: Top 7 Kratom Vendors of 2016

Kratom has gained its popularity in the world because of its medicinal properties. Now, authorities are concerned that these may have a harmful effect on its users. They proposed that kratom is added to the list of banned illegal drugs because it resembles effects of marijuana and heroin.

Unfortunately, their claims lack scientific evidence, and the allegations were dropped until further research. Some states and countries banned the trade and use of kratom for fear of its effects. However, there is a handful who legalized the herbal plant.

Kratom is available in retail stores, but if you want to avail of the product, you can simply order online. You can have your kratom delivered right in front of your doorstep.

However, one of the difficulties that people are faced with today is finding the best store that sells kratom at premium quality. Kratom should be sold fresh and carefully packed so that it will have its effects intact. The challenge is that there are greedy people who sell low-quality kratom at an impossible price.

Another thing to consider when choosing the store is the price of the products that they sell. Some shops sell their items at a high price that will make you shake your head in disappointment. It’s a challenge to choose a store that sells products at a fair price.

The staff hired to maintain the store should also be a factor. The employees should be accommodating as well as knowledgeable about every detail of the products that they sell. Why should you buy products that the staff doesn’t even know about — makes sense right?

So, to help you decide where you can buy your stash of kratom, this article compiles a list of seven of the best kratom vendors in 2016.

1. PurKratom

Embedded in the store’s name are the words pure and kratom. Well, that is the main product you’re trying to buy, and they’re advertisement says it all. This business is located in Florida, USA.

One of the best things about this shop is that it offers free shipping should you want to order online. Their products are all imported from the origins of the herbs so you can expect high quality. Plus, they offer clients a reasonable price.

2. GAIA Ethnobotanical

Survival of The Best: Top 7 Kratom Vendors of 2016

If you happen to search the internet for the best vendors of kratom, this shop will easily appear in your searches. Providing premium quality herbs and spices, you don’t have to worry about anything. Plus, they ranked first in the 2017 poll for the best kratom vendor.

3. Kratora

This store is one of the most go-to shops for buyers anywhere. It offers you same-day shipping, so if you order through their website today, you will get your item today. However, that also depends on your location and how far you are from their shop.

Another great plus for this shop is if you order in bulk; you will get free shipping wherever you are in the world. With regards to quality, you can never be wrong about Kratora. It offers the best for a fair price.

4. Coastline Kratom

This shop has evolved into a thriving company since it had started in 2015. Even if this store has just recently been established, it became one of the best sellers of kratom. You can get your stash neatly packed and fresh for a small price.

5. Kratom Sensation

Canada has its grips tightly reined for this shop. Not only does it cater to people in the country, but it also serves people worldwide. You can easily navigate through their website and order the high-quality kratom product that you need.

Based on reviews and recommendations, this shop offers the cheapest kratom supplies of products. With the fresh quality that they serve for a reasonable price, shipping rates won’t have any effect on your wallet. Their selection also varies, so feel free to look and choose whichever you like.

These best kratom vendors of 2016 also have an actual shop where you can walk in and buy whatever herbs you need. They also have their website that accommodates your orders and ships them without delay. Kratom Vendor Review: Are They Legit?

If you are wondering if you should buy from the website:, please read this review. Is this vendor legit? Do they have any credibility? I am here to clarify these questions with my personal experience.

I have been purchasing kratom for many years and I have built this website to help inform users about the risks and benefits – especially when it comes to new less established vendors. Luckily, I have tested this vendor personally and can verify some things about their product quality and service.

First off, if you have stumbled across these guys or have placed an order with them and are concerned, there is not need to worry. But let’s go deeper and look at the overall features of this kratom vendor.

The Website

I found website to be very pleasant and easy to navigate. I found products easily and quickly and had no issues adding or removing items from the cart. Their website is not “in your face” and there are no annoying pop-ups or clickbait that always annoys shoppers.

I liked their website for the fact that it was to-the-point and easy to navigate. The website speed was not an issue either which was great.

I ended up buying two products from them: green maeng da and their red bali both in 1 kilo amounts. These two strains seem to be their most popular based on the website reviews and they are my own two personal strains.

The Checkout Process

Getting to the checkout was easy once I added the products to cart, I got redirected to the checkout page. Using my credit card was effortless and easy. After I paid for my order, I received my confirmation email that my order was received.

The results after placing my order

It took about 3 days to get my order here in South Carolina. The packaging quality was great and I was impressed to see this attention to detail from a smaller less known vendor. My favorite part about the packaging from The Golden Monk was they included a thick inner ziplock bag. I really don’t mind the fancy packaging in the aluminium foil bags/pouches but getting all the product out can be a hassle.

The Golden Monk went to the effort to put it in this inner bag. The other good thing about this is if the outer bag gets damaged, the product has an extra layer of protection. I have had issues twice now from other vendors who pack the products in the pouches where their product gets busted open when shipping – what a mess. Anyway, this is not an issue with this vendors product so I am happy about that.


I took 3.5 grams of their green maeng da. The effects were great and felt instantly after taking it on an empty stomach (with orange juice). No nausea or upset stomach. The product was of a fine grind like they advertise and it had a pungent fresh smell. Overall the product quality from is really up there. The effects lasted for a good 4 hours and as far as their green maeng da goes, I can say its quality.
I took 3 grams of their red bali before bed. I got my usual sleepy and calming effects I see with gaia. Their red bali is comparable to the red bali from gaia and I think I may even switch over to these guys or cycle the strains between golden monk and gaia. I really liked the golden monk’s bali over the maeng da but I prefer reds in general. Overall I am very very happy with their bali strain, but there maeng da is nothing to complain about either.

Would I shop here again?

I would certainly shop at again. Their prices are great and their service is as well. These guys may be new but don’t sweep them under the rug as they certainly have a good product and act like a bigger vendor. I plan to do a review soon about the newest vendors in 2018 and ill certainly put these guys at the top of the list. I hope you enjoyed my review guys and found it helpful. If you have any questions, use the contact form on the site and ill be happy to get back to you (sometimes I takes me a week or two though and I am on holidays for 3 weeks in Sept.)

Misuse of Kratom herb by Teenagers

Misuse of Kratom herb by Teenagers

When you check about Kratom on the internet for the first time, then you will be able to see mixed views about it. There are many teenagers who are Misuse of Kratom and they are facing problems due to the excess use of Kratom. This herbal product is basically made from the dried leaves and there will not be any other ingredients added to it. So, you will not have any kind of side effects just because of the use of Kratom and taking it in the right quantity is very important to enjoying the effects.

If you are taking Kratom in a wrong dose or using it when not required, then you will have to face a lot of problems. Many teenagers take Kratom just to stay awake for a long time and that is definitely a wrong habit.

Kratom- abuse effects

Teens normally use Kratom to enhance their moods and also to provide the relaxing effect. Many teenagers use this herbal product for improving their performance during their sports activities, in their exams, at social gatherings to stay active and also during many physical activities. Another common mistake that is made by the people taking Kratom is that they mix up taking Kratom along with alcohol. The common side effects are Nausea, Insomnia, Vomiting, appetite loss, weight loss and constipation.

Kratom addiction symptoms in teens

There are many medicines which cannot be detected in any kind of drug tests. Just because of this reason and the medicine’s availability over the internet is encouraging the teenagers to get addicted to this medicine. It is not really easy to identify the addiction symptoms of Kratom as well, but you can understand this when you are taking too much of Kratom and unable to control it. If your brain is not supporting you in understanding these, then you can understand the symptoms with the help of these points. You will experience unexpected mood swings, your weight changes suddenly, you will feel thirsty very frequently and same is the case with urination, too much of anger and excitement. These are the basic symptoms and you can easily recognize.

Kratom Addiction treatment

When you have realized that you are getting addicted to Kratom, then the first thing that you should do is, prepare yourself mentally for the withdrawal symptoms. It can be a bit difficult, but it is definitely not impossible for those who really want to quit. Start the process with detoxification and this is going to help you in removing all the excess Kratom that is still in your body and blood. You will not be able to concentrate on anything when you are going for Kratom withdrawal and the best thing to do at this point of time is to take a long vacation with your family or your close buddy. They can help you stay occupied throughout the day and you don’t need too much concentration to enjoy your vacation. Taking help of loved ones can help you to come out of it faster.

Know more about the best Kratom strain of 2015

Know more about the best Kratom strain of 2015

If you want to live a peaceful and happy life, you should keep pain away from you. Pain in any part of the body will not let you live life the way you want to live. When you consult your physician regarding these pains, then the most common medicines that you are suggested to take are the Opiates. Opiates are a kind of medicine which may help in treating pain, but they function only for a moment and you will have to completely depend on them for treating this problem every day. You will also have to face many side effects due to the use of these Opiates. Kratom is one best option for all those who are looking for an effective medication that does not cause any kind of side effects. So, now you don’t have to worry about any kind of negative effects, addiction or getting back to that painful life.

Alternative medicines are the best option

Most of the people are aware of the fact that the opiates can cause many kinds of side effects; that is the reason why they are choosing alternative medicines to treat all kinds of pains. Among so many alternative medicines that are available in the market today, Kratom is the best and this is going to give you immediate results. Kratom has different kinds of Alkaloids and they contribute in treating the pain. Different strains are having different kinds of Alkaloids and that means the effect of each Kratom strain works in a different way for treating pain. There are many forums which are having a debate about which is the right strain for treating pain, but there are many Kratom strains which are very effective. You will have to try them to understand which is right for your body.

Pain management with Kratom strains

If you are looking for the best Kratom strain that is going to work on treating pain, then you don’t have to worry too. It is not just one strain that works on pain, you have more than one and that is definitely good news for many. The strains that are found in the Indonesia are said to be having the exact alkaloids that are required for treating pain. But the only problem with the strain is they are highly sedative. If you are looking for a strain that is less sedative, then you can try Malaysian strains.

While you are choosing the right strain, you generally tend to miss one important point and that is regarding the dose of Kratom. You should take the right quantity of Kratom so that you will be able to treat pain in an effective way. Make sure to start with lesser dosage and then increase the dose. Also make sure that your overall dose does not exceed 15 grams and that may change based on your health history. So, now treating pain without any kind of side effects is very simple with Kratom herbal medicine.

Drug of the year 2015 – Kratom Magical drug

Drug of the year 2015 – Kratom Magical drug

Do you know which is the most popular drug now on the internet? People are getting crazy about the usage of Kratom, and you can call it as ‘drug of the year 2015’. Maybe, when you get into in-depth information about Kratom, you will find that this medicine is in use for thousands of years, but this was only in the Southeast Asian. Now, this medicine is getting popular in the Western countries as well. When the benefits of using this herbal medicine are increasing, and the people who are using it are not facing any side effects, the popularity of this medicine started growing every day. Nowadays, there are thousands of online Kratom stores that sell high-quality Kratom and that is because of the popularity of Kratom.

Kratom – Spreading really faster

This Kratom herbal product has got both kinds of news –both positive and negative. 75 percent of the news is positive while the rest of 25 percent is negative. Many people have posted on a few forums and also in the news that their teenage kids or friends have committed suicide due to the usage of Kratom. But if you get into more details, then you will not be able to find even a single death reported just due to the side effects of Kratom. They have taken this decision because they have never tried to know about the Kratom or its real uses. You should first understand what Kratom is used for and then start using it. If you are not satisfied with the information that you are gathering online, then you can consult the doctors for more suggestion. There are a few doctors and rehab centers, which say that Kratom is working much better than the normal prescription medicine.

Even today, many teenagers use this medicine for recreational purpose. They use them in pubs and parties to get more energy and stay energized for a long time. But this is not the right way to use Kratom.

Side effects are always there

Side effects are always there for any kind of medicine, and it is explicitly mentioned that you will not see any of these side effects. If you are using the medicine as per the requirement and under the supervision of an expert. When it comes to Kratom also, you will feel dizziness, drowsiness and Nausea and these do not last for a long time. You can also avoid dizziness and drowsiness by taking the medicine at the night time, that means just before you hit the bed. So, depending on the purpose for which you are using Kratom, you can decide the time at which you need to take and also determine which Kratom strain or vein is suitable for you.

This herbal drug Kratom is the drug of the year 2015, and this is going to get more popular in the coming future.

Kitchen herbs that enhance Kratom effects

Kitchen herbs that enhance Kratom effects

All the Kratom users are aware of the effects of this magical herb, but they still want to know if there is anything else, that can enhance the effect of this herbal product. If you are also a Kratom user and looking for this kind of solution, then you must definitely read this article. You will be surprised that there are many ingredients or herbs in your own kitchen that are going to enhance the effect of Kratom on your body. There are many health conditions for which you use Kratom and they are very common. The list of benefits that Kratom can do to your body are many and you will be amazed to know that the list of benefits of Kratom is still increasing and will keep going even in the future.

Let us have a look at a few ingredients that are available very easily for you and they can help you in enhancing the effect of Kratom on your body.

Turmeric – A great relief from pain

Kratom is definitely a great medicine that provides you great relief from pains. There are many users who have reported that the right use of Kratom has given them wonderful results from pain. Many people across different parts of the world stopped taking other painkillers as they give some kind of side effects, but Kratom is a 100 percent natural herb which does not give any kind of side effects. There are many benefits of using Turmeric and above all this is said to be having a great anti-inflammatory effect on the human body. You can take turmeric in any form, that you wish to like tea, capsules or any other form in which it is available.

Ginger – A great herb

You can take ginger in any form you like. You can add it to your tea or you can even take candies that are available in ginger flavor. They can be a bit spicy, but you will start noticing the effects that they provide on your body in just a few days (Maybe in just 10 to 15 days of its usage). You can also make your own capsules of ginger if you are having a capsule making machine at home. This is also one of the simplest ways to take Ginger.

Raisins – For anti-inflammatory property

Raisins are also something that is available in your own kitchen, very easily. You should not take them directly. You should soak them in high-quality Gin. You should take raisins in a bowl and add gin, till they are dumped completely. Now, leave them for a week or 10 days time. These soaked raisins can be taken 10 to 15 at a time and you can take them thrice in a day. They do not smell or taste like Gin at all if you are using high-quality Gin.

So, use these herbs or ingredients to enhance the effects of Kratom on your body.