Why is it important to stop Kratom from being banned?

Why is it important to stop Kratom from being banned?

Kratom, which is the buzz word nowadays in the Kratom herbal market, is getting more and more popular every day. This is basically a word that is derived from The Thai language. This magical herbal plant belongs to the Mitragyna Speciosa species which grows in the South East Asian countries. If you have not yet come across this magical word Kratom, then you should definitely read this article for information about what is Kratom and why should this herb not be banned. This can be one of the reasons why you are not aware of this plant. There are many places where this is banned or they are not allowed to sell in those countries.

How does this Kratom look like?

This is basically a tree which can be grown up to a height of 55 to 60 feet and the width of the tree is also really huge and that can be up to 15 or 18 feet. The leaves of the trees are dark green in color and the vein color generally differs. Initially, the vein color has been just red in color, but you also have a Green and White color veins of Kratom. You have yellow flowers of this tree and there will be seeds inside the flower. You get the maximum of 50 seeds in a flower and those seeds can be used for growing Kratom trees yourself.

Why was this tree banned in certain places?

This plant’s leaves were taken by the farmers or labors of those countries where this tree grows naturally. They take this to enhance their energy levels, just like many people who take coffee to stay energetic all day long. Initially, the government of Thailand has imposed an Act that the Kratom should not be used. Whoever uses will have to face the law, but this Act was never followed strictly by the people of Thailand. Now, this tree is not just seen in the South East Asian countries, but also can be grown by anyone who is interested in growing them. But you need to follow a set of strict instructions and only then you will be successful.

Why is it important to stop Kratom from being banned?

For any product that is banned for certain reasons the black market into the picture. You will still be able to access the banned product with the help of the black markets. But this is a huge loss to the people. The products from the black market are mostly not original and at the same time the price of Kratom is going to go high. So, if you are taking duplicate products, then you will have to face many problems. Especially if it is medicine, then you will have many health issues added up to your very normal life. So, it is important to save Kratom from being banned and it should remain legal. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of this medicine without any kind of problems.

Is Kratom a Legal High? – A Few Points on Kratom

Is Kratom a Legal High? – A Few Points on Kratom

If you have gone through the previous article “Here are a few points about Kratom which prove that it’s not a legal high drug”, then you must have got some idea that this herbal medicine Kratom is a legal high drug. But there will be at least a few who are still not convinced with this fact. So, here are a few more points that prove that Kratom is not a legal high drug and now you are going to trust me for sure. If you are still not convinced even after reading this article, then this shows that you have no idea about what the wonderful effects of Kratom are and how it should really be used.

Kratom used as a medicine

Many head shop owners try to sell this product telling that this is a recreational drug and many people trust this because this is available at the head shop. This is a medicine and is recommended by many doctors to treat many health issues. This is called as an alternative medicine. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of using this medicine.

Your family members must be using it

There are many people who are using this herbal medicine Kratom. Your parents or any of your adult family members must be already using this. If the adults are using, then definitely it is not a legal high drug. If it is a legal high drug, then they will not be using it in front of you at least. So, if your family members love the effects of Kratom or if they are recommending it to many others, then you can be assured that this is a safe medicine and you can also try it with the help of your family members or health experts.

Does not give the effect of a legal high drug

The effect that you get from this herbal medicine Kratom is not as high as a recreational drug and that is because it is not a recreational drug. If you are always following the right dose and using it only when required, then you will not get addicted to this herbal medicine. But other recreational drugs are not like this, you will easily get addicted to those drugs and life becomes really hard to quit them and using them also will give many side effects.

100 percent herbal and no side effects at all

Kratom has gained so much popularity, just because this medicine does not give any kind of side effects which are seen while using any kind of recreational drugs. You will just have the herbal Kratom leaves powder or extract form when you are consuming it. There are no extra chemicals used and when no harmful chemicals are mixed you will not have any kind of problems at all.

So, you can use Kratom with confidence and enjoy all the benefits of this amazing drug.

How to save Kratom from being banned?

How to save Kratom from being banned?

Are you using Kratom? If you are already using Kratom or planning to start using Kratom, then first check if whether it is legal in your place. There are many countries where this medicine is completely banned. You should not even try to buy this medicine online if it is prohibited in your area. But when there are so many benefits of using Kratom, why should this medicine be banned? You will not be able to stop people from the fight against Kratom, or you cannot prevent them from spreading negative news about Kratom.

Do you think you Kratom should be banned?

Pain, enhancement of energy levels, moods enhancement, euphoria effect, depression treatment, anxiety treatment, blood pressure, diabetes and many other mental and physical conditions can be treated using Kratom. When you will be able to enjoy so many benefits of using Kratom, then why should such magical medicine be banned. There is no point in banning a drug that is very effective.

Ignore the negative effects and concentrate on the instructions

After reading too many negative reviews about any product, you will not be able to use it. It is the same with Kratom. But remember one point that, when you are using the medicine as per the requirement, then you will not face any problem. You should know the health conditions that can be treated with Kratom, this will help you in getting the desired benefits of Kratom. The next point to know is how to take the medicine and what to avoid while you are taking Kratom. Let the health expert know all about the prescription and alternate medicines that you are using for treating any health condition. A crucial point that you should not miss while using Kratom is which strain is best for which kind of problem. Last, but not the least you should know the dosage that is required for yourself. The lower dose will give a different effect compared to the higher dose. So make sure that you are taking the right dose.

Keep sharing and save Kratom from being banned

You should never try to make anything popular in such places or with such people who do not need it. You must share the benefits of the magical product to those people who are in need of Kratom, who are waiting for a right medicine to treat their health conditions. Do not force anyone to use Kratom when they do not need it, rather share as much as possible with those people who need it.

That is an amazing medicine which is not having any side effects, and hence you can share the information with anyone. But as a user, you should share your complete information with the health expert who is prescribing you the use of Kratom, or you can consult a doctor before you start using this medicine.

Kratom -Do you think it should be banned?

Kratom -Do you think it should be banned?

You will find many forums and blogs which have many discussions about banning Kratom across the globe. Do you really think Kratom has to be banned when there are so many health benefits of using Kratom? Recently, in the year 2015, Kratom was banned for under aged groups in Illinois. There are many reasons why this herbal product was considered for banning.

Let us have a look at a few reasons which make many people think that Kratom has to be banned.

Available online easily

This herbal product Kratom is available under many brand names and also is very easily available online. This is encouraging everyone to buy Kratom without any kind of problem. Anyone can buy anything from the internet nowadays without having to face any kind of problem or restriction and this is encouraging minors towards this kind of products. They are misusing them in parties, clubs for staying energized and active for a long time.

Sold in stores legally

This medicine is very easily sold in the stores and that makes the users think that this medicine is legal and safe as well. When you are able to purchase something from the market without any kind of problem, then it is human tendency to feel that the product is safe and can be used. But when you are using any product which is not required for your body, then it can be very dangerous and you may get addicted to it.

What are the arguments you get to hear?

A few medical professionals say that this medicine not safe and you may get addicted to it if you are using it for a longer time. You may have to face health issues like increased heartbeat and many other physical health problems. But the pro-Kratom supporters say that there are no deaths reported or no severe health issues reported when the Kratom is being taken in a proper way. So, they still argue to say that this is a natural herb and is completely safe when you are taking it as per the requirement and under the supervision of a health expert.

What about banning Kratom?

There are many states in the US and other parts of the world which have banned Kratom for minors and teenagers. This is something which has to be implemented in all parts of the world. This will help in keeping your minor children safe. As far as adults are concerned, the government can run some awareness programs through which they can make the public aware about the pros and the cons of Kratom. This is something very important to do than banning it completely. There are many health benefits of using the herbal product in the right way and it will be a great job by the government if they are able to explain this to public and help them in enjoying all the benefits of Kratom. Banning Kratom is never a solution to the problems like addiction or minors using it.

The Legality of Buying Kratom in Indiana

The Legality of Buying Kratom in Indiana

The Legality of Buying Kratom in Indiana – A Grey Area

As the popularity of the Kratom grows in leaps and bounds, its legality still remains shrouded in grey. For the Kratom lovers in Indiana, the legality of buying Kratom still remains a distant hope. Currently the state has banned the use of all Kratom products. That said, why is there so much ambiguity around the legality of buying Kratom in Indiana. Let us look at the words of the headlines on the day the governor signed the bill: “Governor Signs House Bill 1196 Into Law.” The legislation bans the manufacture, financing, possession with the intent to sell all products such as marijuana, hash oil, hashish, saliva, or synthetic cannabinoids.

The fact that Kratom has been banned in spite of not belonging to any of these substances is surprising. This means that the lawmakers have clumped Kratom along with other narcotic substances like hashish and cannabinoids. For the Kratom lover, nothing can be more unjust than this unfair comparison. Kratom has always been an organic plant product. Why then is buying Kratom in Indiana riddled with fear and doubt? Why is Indiana refusing to see that Kratom is a herbal plant with many benefits such as:

  • Energizing effects
  • Relief from nagging aches and pains
  • Sedation and ability to relax
  • Helps in opiate withdrawal by soothing the nervous system
  • Brings high blood pressure (hypertension) down to reasonable, healthy limits.

Although the reason for this Kratom ban is not known, it can be attributed to Thailand for banning Kratom. Thailand banned Kratom on the grounds that it offered a stiff competition to Opium trade. However this does not make sense. Buying Kratom need not be such a complex affair riddled with fear and doubt especially since Kratom is becoming a global phenomenon.

After the ban on Kratom by Indiana , some other states such as Iowa, Hawaii, Arizona and Vermont are considering possible bans. Nothing can infringe on the civil liberties than such bans. A person is entitled to making choices about his health and wellness. That said you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of law and if you are residing in any of these states, you should ensure yourself about the legality of buying Kratom here.

Although at present, the legality of buying Kratom in Indiana is complex, one can only hope that the politicians wake up to the benefits of Kratom before it is too late. Kratom is more about making improvements in the quality of your life. Once the politicians see Kratom as a gentle, natural remedy to most of the ailments, buying Kratom in Indiana would be simplified a great deal. Until then a Kratom lover has no other choice but to wait.

Legality of Buying Kratom in Colorado

Legality of Buying Kratom in Colorado

Recently there has been a lot of bad press about Kratom. Many countries are imposing ban on the sale of Kratom. Others are following suit. The Kratom users in US are in a state of uncertainty. The same goes for Colorado. If you are a Kratom user who resides in this state, you too might be having questions about the legality of buying Kratom in Colorado. Currently Colorado considers any herbal medicine prepared from the Mitragyna speciosa tree as legal. However the legality of this herbal medicine is still not  certain. Let us briefly look at the background of the Colorado to look into these issues with a deeper insight.

Progressive Politics and the Legality of Buying Kratom in Colorado

Progress and forward thinking always featured as Colorado’s top priorities. To a certain extent, the early history of the sate as a frontier has influenced the thought process of both the rulers and residents of this state. Colorado with its stunning natural landscapes had always been a pioneer in the conservation of the gifts of nature. Also it played a leadership role in conservation issues, equal rights movement and marijuana movement.

Thus it is no surprise that Colorado has not succumbed to pressure unlike some states and maintained its independent thinking with regard to the Kratom use and sale. This means that it did not get influenced by the gross media representation and has not considered a possible ban on Kratom products. The legality of buying Kratom in Colorado so far remains non complicated. In contrast to other states, the head shops have reported the maximum sale of Kratom products even in the wake of raid of “legal high” products. Perhaps this is because Colorado views Kratom in an objective light and treats it as a natural, healing, gentle medicinal herb.

Legality of buying Kratom in Colorado – The Rationale behind the Policy

Colorado being a progressive state has made it a policy of treating Kratom as a medicinal herb and not tying it up with opiates such as heroin.

  • Colorado has accepted that Kratom is not a psychedelic drug and hence does not create hallucinations.
  • Colorado has finally understood that there are no risks associated with Kratom use. Hence it is neither toxic nor is it addictive.
  • Thus the use of Kratom in Colorado is not controlled and can be purchased without a prescription.

Legality of Buying Kratom in Colorado – The final word

The best places to purchase Kratom in Colorado are the various online shops. For the advanced Kratom users who wishes to buy in bulk, these portals offer the most economic prices with steep discounts. With a wide array of choices, the Kratom user in Colorado does not have to look elsewhere. The legality of buying Kratom in Colorado is simple without any hassles.