White Malay Kratom: Achieving Vitality and Concentration Daily

White Malay Kratom: Achieving Vitality and Concentration Daily

Kratom itself is a native to Southeast Asian countries. It has been used for hundreds of years as natural medicine and remedies to various illnesses and diseases. They are also used for recreational purposes.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country known as a producer of strong strains of kratom. There are three Malay kratom strains, namely, Red Vein, Green, and White Vein. Their common factor is their being a natural analgesic and energizer.

All Malay strains have similarities but they vary on a specific area they are strongest with. Of all the three strains, the White Malay Kratom is, perhaps, the least popular.

White Malay Kratom for Stimulation and Relaxation

White Malay Kratom: Achieving Vitality and Concentration Daily

When people seek for Malay kratoms, they expect to use them for its pain-relieving effect, which is its most attractive characteristic. With White Vein, it’s not as potent compared to the other two varieties.

Consumers are now recognizing that what sets the White Malay Kratom apart is its ability to boost your energy and make you focus more. On top of that, it also acts as a mild pain reliever.

You have a choice if you want to take White Malay Kratom capsules or take it in powder form. Both choices can potentially energize and stimulate your senses with a euphoric effect. To give you a clearer perspective of the White Malay benefits, here is a list of the primary effects it can give you:

  1. Boosts energy but without making you feel edgy like with what you get with coffee. White Malay has both analgesic and energetic alkaloids and maintains a unique balance between them, which gives you energy but just the right amount.
  2. Enhances focus because kratoms are natural nootropics. Nootropics are supplements or drugs that help to enhance your cognitive function. These are especially useful if you have a disorder that impairs your ability to focus.
  3. Improves mood due to the stimulating White Malay effects and can be a good alternative for your early morning cup of coffee.
  4. Lessens anxiety without the negative effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
  5. Manages pain due to its analgesic properties, although it is not as strong as the red and green strains.

How Much Should You Take in to Achieve the Desired Effect?

Every person reacts differently to kratoms just like each kind of kratom is unique and offers varying degrees of energy, focus, and pain-relieving effects. It is important that you take it in small doses at first until you are sure on how much your body needs to achieve your desired effect.

  • The recommended dosage in using a white vein kratom in general is three to five grams. This will more or less sufficiently achieve the kick you get from your cup of a strong coffee.
  • You can have five to seven grams if you want to attain a more relaxing effect but not the heightened stamina and energy.
  • For the maximum effect, you can up the dosage from eight to ten grams.

Savoring Your New Lease of Energy and Ability to Focus

When you are deciding on the right white vein kratom dosage for you, there are, of course, factors to consider other than the desired effect. Other factors you should look into are your tolerance of the white vein’s aroma, the potency of the product, and your body’s overall reaction to the product you are using.

The demands of your daily life can give you a lot of stress and may cause you to be anxious resulting in your inability to really focus and experience feelings of despair. These states of mind can create an environment, which prevents you from achieving your tasks, and would just further give you feelings of anxiety.

All these undesirable predicaments that you undergo on a regular basis need not be resolved with just your usual prescribed medication or just being ignored completely.

You can always choose to go natural and enjoy the White Malay Kratom effects, which create an energetic atmosphere that will improve your productivity and enhance your mental alertness.

You can opt for the Red or Green Vein Kratom if your primary goal is to have a natural but potent pain reliever. But if your priority were to improve your ability to focus and boost your energy, the smartest choice would be the White Malay Kratom.

Try Kratom Free: A Complete Guideline for Beginners

Try Kratom Free: A Complete Guideline for Beginners

A lot of people are now using kratom to treat their various conditions but can you try kratom free?

Free samples are a great way to try out some kratom strains and find out if they are good for you. Luckily, there are various kratom strains with different effects. You can choose from the free samples offered by different vendors and suppliers.

Various Kratom Strains and Their Effects

Try Kratom Free: A Complete Guideline for Beginners 1

     1. Bali Kratom

Bali is considered as the most classic opiate among all the kratom strains and can provide strong euphoric effects. Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

    2. Red Vein Thai

This kratom strain is quite similar to Bali kratom when it comes to effects, but it has lesser negative side effects. Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

    3. Red Vein Kali

Red vein Kali is known for its sedating effects.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     4. Green Vein Kali

The green vein kali is a stimulating strain and is also used for pain relief.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     5. White Vein Kali

This kali kratom variety is more dissociating with its strong euphoric effects.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     6. Maeng Da

Maeng da is perfect for boosting energy after a tiring day. In addition, it also comes with pain killing and stimulating effects.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     7. Green Indo

Green indo can provide a good balance effects. It is great both as an energy booster and as a pain reliever.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     8. Red Indo

Red Indo features effects that are similar to that of red kali and other traditional strains.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     9. Super Indo

Super indo features the same effects that Bali kratom has. However, it has lesser euphoria effects.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

      10. Ultra Enhanced Indo

This indo kratom variety is considered as the most euphoric strain available in the market. It also works well with reducing depression and anxiety.  Recommended dosage is 1 gram or less.

     11. Super Green Malaysian

This kraton strain mainly varies depending on the supplier. But common characteristic of super green Malaysian is inducing stimulation along with a little bit of euphoria.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     12. Gold Reserve Extract

This kratom variety is considered as the most powerful extract.  Recommended dosage is between 1/ gram and less.

     13. Natural Enhanced White Sumatra

It is a mixture of original white vein leaf and 90% of pure alkaloid extract taken from white vein kratom. Recommended dosage is between 1/ gram and less.

     14. Natural Enhanced True Thai

It is a mixture of green vein Thai leaf and 90% of pure alkaloid extract from Thai kratom. Recommended dosage is 0.5 mL or more.

   15. ISOL-8 Extract

ISOL-8 extract is an outlier type of kratom strain that is famous for its stimulation effects like that of caffeine. Recommended dosage is between 1/ gram and less.

5 Places Where Can You Get Kratom for Free

     1. Gaia Ethnobotanicals

Gaia Ethnobotanicals is made through a group of reputable and famous kratom vendors online. While they donnobotanicals is made through a group of reputable and famous kratom vendors online. While  kratom. Recommended do

They have elephant variety, Bali gold, green Maeng Da, gold Maeng Da, and green Kapuas Hulu.

     2. Legit Kratom

If you are looking for a high-quality supplier of kratom, Legit Kratom is included on the top list. You can experience the quality of their products through the free samples they offer. They only choose what type of strain to give away for free, but it is usually green kratom around 30g.

If you are not satisfied with what they have, you can simply return the samples within 30 days.

    3. Free Kratom Trial

Free Kratom Trial is a vendor who gives the public an opportunity to try out alternative medicines for pain relief, anxiety, and other conditions. They offer samples to try kratom free for $0.00, excluding shipment cost.

     4. Kraoma

Since 2015, Kraoma has been selling quality kratom strains for an affordable price than most vendors. The great thing is that they also let new users try out kratom choices for free. Each of the samples is around 10g.  They do have a wide variety of kratoms offered, but you are only allowed to choose two for free.

    5. Kratom Monkey

If you are looking for the purest kratom product, Kratom Monkey has them. They only offer 100% pure and organic kratom. You can try their quality products by ordering some free samples; all you need is to pay for the shipment.

Having free samples can help you gauge and try out what kratom types are best fit for you. There are no reasons for you to skip its benefits and effects; you can now try kratom free.

What Are the Types and Effects of Indo Kratom Strain?

What Are the Types and Effects of Indo Kratom Strain?

By far, Indonesia is considered as the largest exporter of kratom and that’s why the Indo kratom has become widespread over the year.

Indonesia has an ideal environment where a lot of strains can grow abundantly and wildly. It has the perfect humidity as well as enough of the needed sunlight and rainfall for the strain to grow. That is why, when it comes to the kratom business, Indonesia is among the best regions for kratom growth as well as its production.

Take a look at the types and medicinal effects of the strain.

Types of Indo Kratom Strains

Indo is short for Indonesia, a term used to call the wide variety of strains that wildly grow in the country. Each of the Indo strain has its set of unique properties that often differs from other strains. The effects Indo kratom can give also depend on its type and color as well as the season.

What Are the Types and Effects of Indo Kratom Strain?1

Take a look at the different varieties and types of the Indonesia kratom.

  • White Vein Indo

Since it is a white vein, this Indo kratom is considered as the most stimulating of all kratom varieties from the country. Some even call this the special variety. This type of Indo strain is best known for its energizing but clean effects which is great for people who are constantly under strenuous tasks.

It can be great for energy boost as well as for pain relief. In addition, white vein Indo can also help alleviate depression and anxiety like other white vein strains.

  • Red Vein Indo

Similar to other red vein kratoms, the red vein Indo can also have a strong punch. Known as an “evening” Indo, this variety contains quite powerful mood-lifting, analgesic, and sedative properties.

However, if you are looking for an energizing strain, this type of Indo may not be the best choice for you.

  • Super Indo

The super Indo is one of the commonly bought and used kratom strains and it is for a good reason. This Indo variety is very potent in its right. With its “super” name, it’s quite obvious that it got some unique punch to it.

While the red vein Indo has some great effects, it lacks the energizing benefits. But, that is not a problem with the super Indo. It’s got the same relaxing and painkilling power of the red vein but also comes with mild energizing effects.

Aside from its effects, the super Indo also features a unique way to its harvesting process. This strain is only made using the largest of the harvested kratom leaves which has the highest alkaloid content. That is the reason why this strain has some potent effects even in small doses.

  • Premium Indo

This type of Indo kratom differs with the other varieties because of the “premium” process it goes through to get to the finished product. Here, the stems from the kratom leaves are removed completely before drying.

Because of this process, the final product becomes even more concentrated. It only makes use of the kratom leaves which are the only part that contains the active compounds needed.

The premium Indo strain provides the best quality you can find, and as such, it is the variety best recommended for beginners.

  • Ultra-Enhanced Indo

This kratom variety is composed of 25% of ultra-concentrated kratom extract which gives it its significant potency.

Medicinal Effects of Indo Kratom

Compared to other strains, the Indo kratom’s effects tend to depend on its color, as well as the season. But, here are some of the common effects it does have.

  • Mood Enhancer

Indo strain is considered as one of the most effective kratom varieties there is for enhancing the mood. It is because of its high 7-hydroxymitragynine content.

  • Pain Reliever

One of the reasons why the Indo kratom is widely used is because of its painkilling effects. The great thing about it is its painkilling effect tends to last a little longer compared to other strains.

  • Anxiety Reliever

The Indonesian strain is also often used as pain relief especially with its combined sedation and analgesic effects.

While there might be some side effects like wobbles and nausea, it only comes with much less than other strains. That is why the Indo kratom  is considered a “clean” strain.

Motarkbest Alternatives: Where Should You Buy Kratom?

Motarkbest Alternatives: Where Should You Buy Kratom?

Motarkbest or Motark kratom was a famous supplier back in the days. However, they are no longer operating today. The company has sold all of their stocks last December 2017.

After selling all their kratom supplies, Motarkbest has listed “vacation” as their reason for the dwindling supply of their kratom powders. The official subreddit of Motark has been wiped clean since then.

Fortunately, in January 2018, a user replied to a post regarding Motark that there had been other legit vendors that popped out after Motark stopped selling kratom.

Here are 5 Motarkbest alternatives that can provide you with high-quality kratom:

1.Socal Herbal Remedies

This company has been around for not very long, but they offer one of the best kratom capsules on the market. You can purchase their herbal tea capsules for only thirty bucks per bottle. And you can buy their tea at $5.00 per ounce of powder.

The company even offers a socal coupon with the code “sample9” that will enable you to get a $20 off your kratom order. Moreover, you can also avail an additional coupon with the code “split75” that can enable you to purchase a kilo of kratom for only $75.

The discounts can help you as the prices have been going up since the ban scare that is happening.

Users who have tried availing kratom from this company claimed that they have an outstanding Super Green Kapuas. Moreover, another kratom user wrote that Socal’s Green Bali Reserve is top notch. A Reddit user added that Socal has merely amazing products and a Red Bali that is on fire.

2. Gaia Ethnobotanical

Motarkbest Alternatives: Where Should You Buy Kratom?

This company has been one of the most trusted providers of premium kratom powder today. They have kratom blends, yellow vein kratom, and 20 times powdered extract of Maeng Da that are sold at $1.50 per gram. The price is not bad for a 20:1 extract.

The best thing about this company is they provide 100% transparency on their products. They continuously publish lab results for each strain that they sell.

The openness means that this company is taking the quality of their kratom seriously.

3. Herbal Salvation

If you are looking for kratom 500g in the market, you can avail a sample pack from Herbal Salvation. You are even given a chance to pick five different strains that are at 100 grams each.

Today, every kratom user should do their part in researching about kratom vendors to avoid harm.

After the salmonella outbreak, you must be extra cautious in determining who you are transacting with. There has been news of kratom hospitalizations that are caused by purchasing from unrecognized companies.

The reason behind the hospitalizations is because some companies cut kratom powders together with synthetic drugs.

When you check this company’s homepage, you will see that they guarantee a 100% organic and 100% natural kratom. Since there are many issues with kratom recently, it is essential for you to buy 100% natural and organic kratom.

4. Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom has maintained their loyal customers because of their diverse product line, coupon codes, regular rewards, and free shipping.

Moreover, they have an attractive logo that shows an illustration of a Kraken which is a mythical creature.

You can purchase low price tea powders with high-end alkaloid content in this company. You would surely love their Kraken Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract that has a mitragynine content of 37.5mg in every 5ml serving.

5. Purkratom

This company pushes advocacy in making kratom legal. Purkratom is based in Florida, and they offer free shipping. If you are looking for White Sumatra or Red Vein Indo, then this company is a perfect option.

This company prides in its versatile store that offers anxiolytics, analgesics, and adaptogens. They have everything that you are looking for, like horned kratom powders, natural sleep aids, and herbal joint complex.

Although their kratom capsules are a bit expensive, you can avail their botanicals and powders at a reasonable price. As a legit kratom vendor, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

No one knows if Motarkbest would still be operating again in the future. If you had done a transaction with them before they went out of operation, then you might know information regarding this.

For the meantime, you can purchase kratom from these five vendors while waiting for Motark’s comeback.

Liquid Kratom: Origin, Benefits, and Dosage Guide

Liquid Kratom: Origin, Benefits, and Dosage Guide

If you have been using kratom for quite some time or are a beginner who has been reading a lot about the strain, then you’ve probably heard or read about the liquid kratom.

It is a new form of kratom that you can try. A lot of its producers claim that the liquid extract can provide more powerful strain effects compared to when you are taking kratom in the powdered form.

Take a look at how this other form of kratom is made and its effects and dosage guide.

How Are Liquid Kratoms Made?

Liquid kratom, like any strain, originates from the kratom leaves. However, the process of obtaining the extract is quite different than that of the powdered form.

The liquid extract of kratom is made from kratom leaves that have been crushed and stuffed in a mixture of alcohol and water where it is dissolved. Depending on the amount of alcohol and leaves used in the process, the extract can have varying doses.

Placing the kratom leaves in the alcohol is simply done to allow it to store its alkaloids for a long time and not lose its potency.

Why Use Liquid Kratom Instead of Powder?

Liquid Kratom: Origin, Benefits, and Dosage Guide 1

Do you hate chewing kratom leaves but love the effect the strain can give you? Do you think making coffee or tea is too much work so you can only dissolve your kratom powder in it for a drink? Fortunately, there is a liquid kratom you can use.

This form of kratom is made with high-quality leaves which give it long-lasting and quick effects when you use it. It has also higher strength of strain compared to the kratom leaves or those in powdered form thus producing stronger effects.

This form of kratom is best used for people who are experiencing unbearable pain since that liquid can provide strong and immediate pain relief.

What Are the Effects of Liquid Kratom Extract?

The effects that the liquid kratom can provide mainly depend on the strain used to make the extract. But, here are some of the common effects in using kratom extracts.

  • Relaxation

One of the distinct effects of using this liquid version of kratom is its strong relaxing effects. It can stay for as long as six hours once ingested.

  • Sedation

Like other kratom forms, the liquid form can also cause sedation especially when you use it in high doses. However, it is worth noting that with its sedation effects, there can also be a case of dizziness.

  • Stimulation

Compared to kratom leaves and powder, its liquid counterpart can produce much greater stimulation. It is mainly because the alkaloids present in the leaves are concentrated because of the process used in making the extract.

  • Euphoria

Similarly, taking liquid kratom can also give very strong euphoria. However, this effect will not last for a long time. The effect will soon settle and you fall into a very relaxed state.

  • Analgesia

Liquid kratom is best known for its very strong analgesic effects especially because of its concentrated alkaloids.

Using this form of kratom can give you the same effects that most strains in powdered form can offer, but they are so much stronger. While this can help for immediate effects for people in need, its strong concentration can often cause the body to develop tolerance and that is where problems start.

Side effects and symptoms often come when the kratom extract is withdrawn from your system. These can include mild nausea, muscle ache, bone and joint pain, aggression, sweating, runny nose, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and jerky movements in arms or legs or both.

Getting rid of such symptoms usually includes proper and comprehensive therapy.

Liquid Kratom Dosage Guide

When you look for kratom in liquid form, they will be available packed in glass bottles in varying sizes. But generally, its standard size is 15ml. In taking kratom extract, you will have to use a dropper.

  • 1 Dropper

A dropper of the kratom extract is considered the threshold dose. This dosage can create an energetic feeling after being ingested. However, for most people it is only a light dose.

  • 2 Droppers

Two drops of the kratom in its liquid form are already considered a strong dose and will usually come with sedation effects.

Liquid kratom is highly concentrated and has very strong effects. While it is good for immediate results and effects, it can be easy to develop tolerance. Hence, it is not advisable to use liquid kratom on a daily basis.

A List of Online Vendors Offering Free Kratom to Their Clients

A List of Online Vendors Offering Free Kratom to Their Clients

Why Do Vendors Offer Free Kratom?

It’s apparent what the difference is between Kratom vendors who are profit-oriented and those who put their clients’ best interests. It’s the rewards they offer their customers, even the new ones. Vendors who care about the welfare of their clients offer rewards and discounts, so these clients will keep coming back.

As you may have already noticed, reputable vendors offer free Kratom from time to time.

These free samples will give each customer the opportunity to try out the products first before purchasing them. Moreover, if these vendors only provide the best, they will instantly gain each customer’s trust, thus, increasing sales and attracting even more customers.

A List of Online Vendors Offering Free Kratom to Their Clients1

Listed below are among the most trusted vendors who offer free Kratom and other freebies to their customers.

     I. Legit Kratom

It’s one of the most in-demand Kratom merchants online. They get their supplies from credible sources from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Indeed, their reputation matches their name. They always make sure that each customer is satisfied with their products and services.

They offer free Kratom randomly, so it’s best if you check their website often. They give out certain products; however, they mostly offer the Green Kratom.

     II. Laughing Lion Herbs

They are quite new to the online Kratom business. They started operating sometime in 2015.

They offer free samples to their new customers before buying. You can choose any type, as long as it isn’t among the infinity blends. Once you have chosen a strain, they will give you six to ten grams sample for free. What’s more, you can try out a maximum of five samples each year.

     III. Kingdom Kratom

They are unique among other vendors. What they’re selling isn’t available in other online stores. Instead of the powdered, liquid, and capsule forms, they are selling Kratom gummies.

They are handmade, and each gummy is equal to an estimate of 10 g of the real thing. They offer other strains of the gummies, but most of them come from the Red or Green Maeng Da.

If you’re the explorer type, you might want to try something different. They offer you one free sample of their gummies if you’re interested.

You’re entitled to one free gummy. However, you need to pay for the shipping.

     IV. Tucson Kratom

This vendor also has a unique strategy. While they sell many of their stuff online, they have another method of distributing their products. They sell their Kratoms through vending machines in areas within Arizona.

They also offer free samples, but not all the time. You have to check their website and vending machines if they’re offering.

     V. Kratom Exchange

These vendors are all about purity. They require their products to be directly taken from the trees and cultivated with natural fertilizers. Moreover, they demand that each product is dried while sealed with barns to safeguard the alkaloids and protect the Kratom leaves from too much sun.

Because of this, their Kratom products have an excellent potency that can last for many months.

They offer free samples in two methods:

  • Free Kratom for new clients. They are allowed to get free samples that come in three- to ten-gram packs. This includes one green, one white, and one red strain. The client can choose the strain. If they come back, they will be given a discount code that is around 15% off.
  • Free samples are given if you purchase at least $15.
     I. Kratom Monkey

Their goal is always to sell the purest forms of Kratom. They are against in the method of adding and mixing synthetic ingredients.

They offer one free sample to new customers. But, like other vendors, they will require you to pay for the shipping fee.

     II. Free Kratom Trial

These vendors are also recognized as one of the best suppliers of Kratom. Many users can testify that their products are of high quality. Their supplies are packed in vegetable capsules, which is healthy and fresh.

Check out their website from time to time since they also offer free Kratom sometimes.

These are only some of the reliable online vendors that you can get free Kratoms from. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to test and compare which of them offers the best quality that won’t hurt your wallet.

Be careful in selecting and do not compromise quality with cheap products. Happy shopping!