Facts You Should Know About the OPMS Kratom Silver Side Effects

Facts You Should Know About the OPMS Kratom Silver Side Effects

Users experience strong results when they take the OPMs Silver. However, there is a lot of discussion about the OPMs Kratom Silver side effects.

By updating yourself about this kratom product, you to decide if it is the best variant for your needs.

What Are the Properties of OPMs Kratom?

You can buy OPMs in capsule form, or as an alcohol-dissolved product. It is rich in flavonoids and alkaloids.

OPMs keep a maximum of 95% of the kratom plant’s alkaloid content. Thus, they are the best-kept secret in the kratom industry.

This variety extracts the 7-hydroxymitragynine from the kratom plant. The alkaloid is responsible for the painkilling and euphoric effects.

Different Kinds of OPMs Silver

Facts You Should Know About the OPMS Kratom Silver Side Effects1

  •    OPMs Kratom Silver Thai

If you use this strain, you feel energetic and have improved memory. Moreover, taking this variety will improve your mood. So, if you are suffering from a depressive state, you can avail of the OPMs Silver Thai.

You can also use it as an alternative to coffee. In addition, you get that much-needed energy for the day and your attention span increases.

The OPMs Kratom Silver Thai is a cognitive enhancer.

  •    OPMs Silver Maeng Da

This type of OPMs Silver is famous because of its high alkaloid level. It is perfect as an energy booster and cognitive enhancer. Moreover, if you take it, you will have euphoric feelings.

  •    OPMs Silver Malay

If you are a new user, you can start with this variety. You will experience all the effects for a maximum of eight hours.

Furthermore, this strain is sufficient for its painkilling effects. You will get a boost of energy that will allow you to finish all your tasks for the day.

The OPMs Silver Malay is also an excellent anti-diarrhea medicine.

How Much Are OPMs Capsules?

These capsules are relatively expensive. You can buy them in pairs for around $15. The cheaper strains sell at most $4 per piece, so you now understand how useful and pricey these OPMs are.

Which is Better: Extracts or Non-Extracts?

Some users prefer the extracts because they achieve the best results when taken with the powder form. However, it depends on the concentration level of the alkaloids.

There is not much difference between the extract and the powder form although the capsule is better because you get the exact dosage you want.

Most of the discussion about the comparison comes from shrewd sellers who want to trick users into buying the type of OPMs kratom silver that they sell.

How Effective Are OPMs Capsules?

Users prefer OPMs because they get the same effects as that of Maeng Da. The OPMs kratom capsules provide the most potent alkaloids.

However, these capsules are costly, and you get OPMs kratom side effects if you overdose on it. Thus, they are not for long-term use.

Dosage Guidelines for OPMs

  • 5-7 capsules: mild stimulating and euphoric effects
  • 8-11 pills: usual stimulating and sedating effects
  • 12- 16 capsules: strong sedative effects
  • 17-19 tablets: strong sedative or euphoric effects

If you are new to OPMs capsules, you need to start with the lowest dosage to observe their impact on your body. Then, you can increase the dosage gradually.

What Are the OPMs Kratom Effects?

The OPMs Silver is a mixture of extract and plain leaf; thus, it is a stronger variety compared to the other kratom strains.

Once you take the OPMs kratom silver, you will feel a dull sensation that can last for a few hours. In general, this experience is not bad.

You will feel its stimulating and euphoric effects if you stick with the low dosage.

However, if you take it in large amounts, you will feel its sedative effects. This sedating effect occurs because mitragynine stimulates your body receptors.

This type of kratom can produce excellent effects on your brain because it causes sedation and euphoria. If you have trouble sleeping because of insomnia, you can take this kratom variety.

Moreover, the OPMs come from the Malaysian kratom strain, which is famous for its pain-relieving effects.

What Are the OPMs Kratom Silver Side Effects?

This kratom variety has relatively minimal side effects although researchers have not started their studies yet. If you have a medical condition, you can consult with your physician if you want to use it.

Even if there are no known OPMs kratom silver side effects, you must regulate your intake of OPMs Kratom to prevent any harmful effect on your body.

Kratom Drink: Ways to Concoct Different Variants to Enjoy It Better

Kratom Drink: Ways to Concoct Different Variants to Enjoy It Better

Kratom has a bad taste and smell, but it has incredible health benefits. As such, to make the experience more enjoyable, you can concoct a kratom drink!

Kratom in Your Morning Coffee

If you aren’t a morning person, coffee is usually your best friend. Take it up a notch by mixing kratom powder with your cup of Joe.

Here are the steps to prepare your kratom coffee:

  •    Boil one cup of water then let it cool for a maximum of two minutes
  •    Add one teaspoon of kratom with your coffee granules to ½ cup of boiled water
  •    Stir mixture until dissolved
  •    Add the other ½ cup of water

Coffee will enhance the stimulant effects of kratom. You will feel more energetic. However, you only need the energizing impact and not the sedating effect, so you must not overdose on kratom.

You can use the green or white kratom varieties for a maximum energy boost.

Kratom Tea

If you are a tea drinker and want to jumpstart your day, you can enhance your experience with kratom leaves. You can mix kratom with your favorite tea, and enjoy it either hot or iced.

Plus, if you add lemon, you will increase the potency of the alkaloids.

However, if you like Kratom the way it is – without lemon or honey, consume it as a simple cup of tea.

Boil either the kratom leaves or powder in water for at least 15 minutes. If you use the kratom powder, you need to strain it. On the other hand, if you use the leaves, take out the leaves after the allotted time.

BCAA with Kratom Drink

If you are a fitness guru or athlete, you can combine your branch-chained amino acids with kratom for healthier muscles. Your BCAA will overpower the bitterness and smell of kratom.

Kratom Chocolate Drink

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, you can have your kratom mixed with your favorite chocolate drink. The chocolate drink will balance the bitterness of kratom.

Do take note, however, that you must not add kratom to a hot drink because the heat will hurt the alkaloids.

Toss and Wash With Grapefruit or Any Juice

If you need a quick kratom fix, you can toss and wash the powder with your favorite juice. The trick is to put the powder on your tongue then add the juice before swishing and swallowing.

Kratom and Juice for Breakfast

Most users prefer to add kratom in their grapefruit juice because it enhances their desired effects. Some users still prefer to mix it with orange juice.

To enhance the power of kratom, you need to add it to a half cup of your preferred juice. Mix thoroughly before adding the other ½ cup of juice.

Kratom, Herbs, and Juice

Kratom Drink Ways to Concoct Different Variants to Enjoy It Better

You can also mix kratom with your lemonade or pineapple juice to achieve the enhanced effects because acid brings out the power of alkaloids even better.

Kratom Shake as a Pre- or Post-Workout Drink

Gym enthusiasts will surely enjoy their workout experience with a kratom drink. If you are one of them, you can mix kratom with a protein shake to hasten muscle recovery after a workout.

Also, if you drink it before your workout, you can expect to be more energetic in your routines.

Mango and Kratom Smoothie

Mix 2.5 grams with your mango juice to stimulate your digestion. If you want a refreshing drink, you can add ice cubes.

Do Not Mix Kratom With the Following Drinks


Mixing kratom with yogurt feels like you are eating clay or mud. Also, you will taste the bitterness of kratom enhanced by yogurt.

However, if you experience stomachaches and nausea after taking kratom, you can have yogurt to alleviate the symptoms.

Coconut Water

The taste of kratom will overpower the subtle flavor of coconut water. However, you can toss and wash kratom with coconut water.

What you can do is toss the kratom powder inside your mouth, then drink coconut water to wash it down. Some kratom powder may get stuck in your teeth, so it is best to drink more coconut water.

Aloe Vera

You may like the taste of aloe vera, but you cannot mix it with kratom powder. The mixture does not taste well. It is best to toss and wash the powder with aloe vera.

Plain Whole Milk

Not only does the mixture look yucky, but it also does not taste good as well. If you still want to try it, you need to microwave the milk before mixing kratom in it. Cold milk will clump when you add kratom.

The best trick is to toss kratom into your mouth and wash it down with milk.

You have many options when it comes to taking kratom. Try all of them then decide which is the best kratom drink for you.

Green Maeng Da: The New Natural Kratom Everyone’s Going Crazy About

Green Maeng Da: The New Natural Kratom Everyone’s Going Crazy About

Green Maeng Da and its other variants

Everyone loves a natural, tasty, and beneficial kratom. Usually, people would turn to the common Red Maeng Da strain which provides a hefty amount of benefits that everyone looks for. But it turns out that there’s another strain that deserves a significant recognition, and this would be the Green Maeng Da strain.

The Green strain is, by far, the most popular strain these past few years. It is mainly because of its proven and tested benefits. It is also available almost anywhere since kratoms can now be purchased online which makes buying a lot easier.

The main selling point of this differently colored Maeng Da is the power it can provide. A person who takes this type of kratom would experience a sudden boost in power. It also makes the body famous for allowing the user to be more energetic.

More effects that this kind of kratom can give off

  •    It can be used as a painkiller—Maeng Da and other kratoms out there can provide quick relief to any pain. Some are even marketed to remove them off completely. The Green Maeng Da can also be considered as a pain reliever, but take note that it is milder than the others.
  •    It can be used as a mental stability tool—Lack of concentration and focus are two things that are common to people, especially for adults. This green-colored Maeng Da can help boost one’s mental alertness and awareness. This only means that the individual can focus more on what he/she does.
  •    Focuses more on giving energy, less on euphoric—A lot of kratoms are known because of their ability to boost someone’s mood, usually making someone happy. This one, however, only provides a little of this effect and focuses more on energy. As mentioned above, people who use this can quickly be energized.

Excellent for calming and meditation—Green Maeng Da can be used as a tool for meditation. One can efficiently use this Kratom to aid with any meditation as it provides calmness and peace. This applies to the user’s mind and body, making meditation both more comfortable and faster.

  •    Has a high count of alkaloids—Alkaloids are essential for kratoms. Since it possesses a high alkaloid count, users must only use a little amount to feel its effect. It is easy to use but abusing it would still be bad, so moderate usage is advised.
  •    The equivalent effect when compared with the red and white variant—A lot of people might be confused on why there are a lot of colors for Maeng Da kratom. It is usually because one color provides a different effect (s) when compared to the others. This would greatly help people who want a more specific effect.
  •    Proven to be safe and factory tested—Every other kratom that is being sold are safe. The company is dedicating everything they have to better the lives of people that use their products. Factory test is also crucial and is required to ensure that these Maeng Da kratoms are doing what they are intended to do.

Where to buy?

Green Maeng Da: The New Natural Kratom Everyone’s Going Crazy About

The Internet is a blessing to everyone. It made everything as easy as it could get, especially when it comes to shopping or buying. Green Maeng Da can quickly be grabbed using an online store or a local store.

A lot of people have already given their sentiments when it comes to using this green-colored Maeng Da. A lot of people have been pleased with the effect, and some even reported that it could help to ease depression. Other mental health concerns can also be addressed by using this kratom, for instance, social and general anxiety.

All colors of Maeng Da are safe and are all equally tested before being released into the market. The best thing about Maeng Da is that it has different varieties which make it easier for people to choose the ones that please them. People can also refer to their needs on what type of Maeng Da they want.


To sum things up, Green Maeng Da isn’t alone in the market since there are those that are also named red and white, according to their colors. Each color has its specific and primary benefit, depending on the consumers’ needs. Moreover, people can easily have Maeng Da because it is readily made available online.

White Malay Kratom: Achieving Vitality and Concentration Daily

White Malay Kratom: Achieving Vitality and Concentration Daily

Kratom itself is a native to Southeast Asian countries. It has been used for hundreds of years as natural medicine and remedies to various illnesses and diseases. They are also used for recreational purposes.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country known as a producer of strong strains of kratom. There are three Malay kratom strains, namely, Red Vein, Green, and White Vein. Their common factor is their being a natural analgesic and energizer.

All Malay strains have similarities but they vary on a specific area they are strongest with. Of all the three strains, the White Malay Kratom is, perhaps, the least popular.

White Malay Kratom for Stimulation and Relaxation

White Malay Kratom: Achieving Vitality and Concentration Daily

When people seek for Malay kratoms, they expect to use them for its pain-relieving effect, which is its most attractive characteristic. With White Vein, it’s not as potent compared to the other two varieties.

Consumers are now recognizing that what sets the White Malay Kratom apart is its ability to boost your energy and make you focus more. On top of that, it also acts as a mild pain reliever.

You have a choice if you want to take White Malay Kratom capsules or take it in powder form. Both choices can potentially energize and stimulate your senses with a euphoric effect. To give you a clearer perspective of the White Malay benefits, here is a list of the primary effects it can give you:

  1. Boosts energy but without making you feel edgy like with what you get with coffee. White Malay has both analgesic and energetic alkaloids and maintains a unique balance between them, which gives you energy but just the right amount.
  2. Enhances focus because kratoms are natural nootropics. Nootropics are supplements or drugs that help to enhance your cognitive function. These are especially useful if you have a disorder that impairs your ability to focus.
  3. Improves mood due to the stimulating White Malay effects and can be a good alternative for your early morning cup of coffee.
  4. Lessens anxiety without the negative effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
  5. Manages pain due to its analgesic properties, although it is not as strong as the red and green strains.

How Much Should You Take in to Achieve the Desired Effect?

Every person reacts differently to kratoms just like each kind of kratom is unique and offers varying degrees of energy, focus, and pain-relieving effects. It is important that you take it in small doses at first until you are sure on how much your body needs to achieve your desired effect.

  • The recommended dosage in using a white vein kratom in general is three to five grams. This will more or less sufficiently achieve the kick you get from your cup of a strong coffee.
  • You can have five to seven grams if you want to attain a more relaxing effect but not the heightened stamina and energy.
  • For the maximum effect, you can up the dosage from eight to ten grams.

Savoring Your New Lease of Energy and Ability to Focus

When you are deciding on the right white vein kratom dosage for you, there are, of course, factors to consider other than the desired effect. Other factors you should look into are your tolerance of the white vein’s aroma, the potency of the product, and your body’s overall reaction to the product you are using.

The demands of your daily life can give you a lot of stress and may cause you to be anxious resulting in your inability to really focus and experience feelings of despair. These states of mind can create an environment, which prevents you from achieving your tasks, and would just further give you feelings of anxiety.

All these undesirable predicaments that you undergo on a regular basis need not be resolved with just your usual prescribed medication or just being ignored completely.

You can always choose to go natural and enjoy the White Malay Kratom effects, which create an energetic atmosphere that will improve your productivity and enhance your mental alertness.

You can opt for the Red or Green Vein Kratom if your primary goal is to have a natural but potent pain reliever. But if your priority were to improve your ability to focus and boost your energy, the smartest choice would be the White Malay Kratom.

Try Kratom Free: A Complete Guideline for Beginners

Try Kratom Free: A Complete Guideline for Beginners

A lot of people are now using kratom to treat their various conditions but can you try kratom free?

Free samples are a great way to try out some kratom strains and find out if they are good for you. Luckily, there are various kratom strains with different effects. You can choose from the free samples offered by different vendors and suppliers.

Various Kratom Strains and Their Effects

Try Kratom Free: A Complete Guideline for Beginners 1

     1. Bali Kratom

Bali is considered as the most classic opiate among all the kratom strains and can provide strong euphoric effects. Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

    2. Red Vein Thai

This kratom strain is quite similar to Bali kratom when it comes to effects, but it has lesser negative side effects. Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

    3. Red Vein Kali

Red vein Kali is known for its sedating effects.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     4. Green Vein Kali

The green vein kali is a stimulating strain and is also used for pain relief.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     5. White Vein Kali

This kali kratom variety is more dissociating with its strong euphoric effects.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     6. Maeng Da

Maeng da is perfect for boosting energy after a tiring day. In addition, it also comes with pain killing and stimulating effects.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     7. Green Indo

Green indo can provide a good balance effects. It is great both as an energy booster and as a pain reliever.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     8. Red Indo

Red Indo features effects that are similar to that of red kali and other traditional strains.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     9. Super Indo

Super indo features the same effects that Bali kratom has. However, it has lesser euphoria effects.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

      10. Ultra Enhanced Indo

This indo kratom variety is considered as the most euphoric strain available in the market. It also works well with reducing depression and anxiety.  Recommended dosage is 1 gram or less.

     11. Super Green Malaysian

This kraton strain mainly varies depending on the supplier. But common characteristic of super green Malaysian is inducing stimulation along with a little bit of euphoria.  Recommended dosage is between 1/2 and 3 teaspoons.

     12. Gold Reserve Extract

This kratom variety is considered as the most powerful extract.  Recommended dosage is between 1/ gram and less.

     13. Natural Enhanced White Sumatra

It is a mixture of original white vein leaf and 90% of pure alkaloid extract taken from white vein kratom. Recommended dosage is between 1/ gram and less.

     14. Natural Enhanced True Thai

It is a mixture of green vein Thai leaf and 90% of pure alkaloid extract from Thai kratom. Recommended dosage is 0.5 mL or more.

   15. ISOL-8 Extract

ISOL-8 extract is an outlier type of kratom strain that is famous for its stimulation effects like that of caffeine. Recommended dosage is between 1/ gram and less.

5 Places Where Can You Get Kratom for Free

     1. Gaia Ethnobotanicals

Gaia Ethnobotanicals is made through a group of reputable and famous kratom vendors online. While they donnobotanicals is made through a group of reputable and famous kratom vendors online. While  kratom. Recommended do

They have elephant variety, Bali gold, green Maeng Da, gold Maeng Da, and green Kapuas Hulu.

     2. Legit Kratom

If you are looking for a high-quality supplier of kratom, Legit Kratom is included on the top list. You can experience the quality of their products through the free samples they offer. They only choose what type of strain to give away for free, but it is usually green kratom around 30g.

If you are not satisfied with what they have, you can simply return the samples within 30 days.

    3. Free Kratom Trial

Free Kratom Trial is a vendor who gives the public an opportunity to try out alternative medicines for pain relief, anxiety, and other conditions. They offer samples to try kratom free for $0.00, excluding shipment cost.

     4. Kraoma

Since 2015, Kraoma has been selling quality kratom strains for an affordable price than most vendors. The great thing is that they also let new users try out kratom choices for free. Each of the samples is around 10g.  They do have a wide variety of kratoms offered, but you are only allowed to choose two for free.

    5. Kratom Monkey

If you are looking for the purest kratom product, Kratom Monkey has them. They only offer 100% pure and organic kratom. You can try their quality products by ordering some free samples; all you need is to pay for the shipment.

Having free samples can help you gauge and try out what kratom types are best fit for you. There are no reasons for you to skip its benefits and effects; you can now try kratom free.

What Are the Types and Effects of Indo Kratom Strain?

What Are the Types and Effects of Indo Kratom Strain?

By far, Indonesia is considered as the largest exporter of kratom and that’s why the Indo kratom has become widespread over the year.

Indonesia has an ideal environment where a lot of strains can grow abundantly and wildly. It has the perfect humidity as well as enough of the needed sunlight and rainfall for the strain to grow. That is why, when it comes to the kratom business, Indonesia is among the best regions for kratom growth as well as its production.

Take a look at the types and medicinal effects of the strain.

Types of Indo Kratom Strains

Indo is short for Indonesia, a term used to call the wide variety of strains that wildly grow in the country. Each of the Indo strain has its set of unique properties that often differs from other strains. The effects Indo kratom can give also depend on its type and color as well as the season.

What Are the Types and Effects of Indo Kratom Strain?1

Take a look at the different varieties and types of the Indonesia kratom.

  • White Vein Indo

Since it is a white vein, this Indo kratom is considered as the most stimulating of all kratom varieties from the country. Some even call this the special variety. This type of Indo strain is best known for its energizing but clean effects which is great for people who are constantly under strenuous tasks.

It can be great for energy boost as well as for pain relief. In addition, white vein Indo can also help alleviate depression and anxiety like other white vein strains.

  • Red Vein Indo

Similar to other red vein kratoms, the red vein Indo can also have a strong punch. Known as an “evening” Indo, this variety contains quite powerful mood-lifting, analgesic, and sedative properties.

However, if you are looking for an energizing strain, this type of Indo may not be the best choice for you.

  • Super Indo

The super Indo is one of the commonly bought and used kratom strains and it is for a good reason. This Indo variety is very potent in its right. With its “super” name, it’s quite obvious that it got some unique punch to it.

While the red vein Indo has some great effects, it lacks the energizing benefits. But, that is not a problem with the super Indo. It’s got the same relaxing and painkilling power of the red vein but also comes with mild energizing effects.

Aside from its effects, the super Indo also features a unique way to its harvesting process. This strain is only made using the largest of the harvested kratom leaves which has the highest alkaloid content. That is the reason why this strain has some potent effects even in small doses.

  • Premium Indo

This type of Indo kratom differs with the other varieties because of the “premium” process it goes through to get to the finished product. Here, the stems from the kratom leaves are removed completely before drying.

Because of this process, the final product becomes even more concentrated. It only makes use of the kratom leaves which are the only part that contains the active compounds needed.

The premium Indo strain provides the best quality you can find, and as such, it is the variety best recommended for beginners.

  • Ultra-Enhanced Indo

This kratom variety is composed of 25% of ultra-concentrated kratom extract which gives it its significant potency.

Medicinal Effects of Indo Kratom

Compared to other strains, the Indo kratom’s effects tend to depend on its color, as well as the season. But, here are some of the common effects it does have.

  • Mood Enhancer

Indo strain is considered as one of the most effective kratom varieties there is for enhancing the mood. It is because of its high 7-hydroxymitragynine content.

  • Pain Reliever

One of the reasons why the Indo kratom is widely used is because of its painkilling effects. The great thing about it is its painkilling effect tends to last a little longer compared to other strains.

  • Anxiety Reliever

The Indonesian strain is also often used as pain relief especially with its combined sedation and analgesic effects.

While there might be some side effects like wobbles and nausea, it only comes with much less than other strains. That is why the Indo kratom  is considered a “clean” strain.