Gaia Kratom Products: High Quality Products From a Reliable Vendor?

Gaia Kratom Products: High Quality Products From a Reliable Vendor?

Kratom has grown in popularity these past few years, especially since it became available in different forms. The challenge that kratom users have, however, is finding a retailer that they can trust not only when it comes to price but quality, too.

Thankfully, you can find such from Gaia kratom products that are high quality and are reasonably priced.

What You Need to Know About Gaia

Gaia Ethnobotanical or Gaia Kratom as customers call them is a Florida-based online retailer that offers no less than 37 kratom products. Additionally, they also have 11 herbal teas for customers to enjoy.

Gaia takes pride in harvesting their kratom plants ethically and sustainably. They also perform rigid quality checks to ensure that kratom users only get the best products from their trusted vendor.

If you are on the lookout for great deals from a vendor that you can trust, you should consider buying Gaia kratom products.

Gaia Kratom Products and Teas to Choose From

Gaia Kratom Products: High Quality Products From a Reliable Vendor?

Gaia Ethnobotanical offers customers a wide variety of kratom products which at present are approximately 37 in count.

Note, however, that depending on your area, some variations of the products may or may not be available.

You can get two variants of kratom extracts from Gaia: the 20x powdered Maeng Da, which is considered a bestseller, and the 50x Black Diamond extracts.

Both can be purchased in different weights.

If you are new to the world of kratom and you want to try different strains without having to shell out a lot of cash, you can try Gaia kratom in “sampler” packs.

These packs give you five different strains of Kratom that come in 1 oz. portion each.

What you will like even more about this retailer is that unlike others, you can choose the strains you want to try. Most online vendors do not usually offer this option.

This is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a specific strain quality or if you are still dipping your toes and not sure which one would suit you best.

You can also choose your “sampler” pack based on the price.  You can buy them at $25, $50, $75 and $100.

To give you an example, you can pick three different strains for $75. Each strain weighs 250 grams; so, you will have a total of 750 grams of products.

If you are a bit adventurous, you can also try Gaia kratom blends. They have unique combinations that come in 1 oz., 250 grams, and 1-kilogram packs.

Note, however, that you will not have the liberty to choose the strains to include in your “blend,” so you will not know what you will get.

Also, like with most retailers who offer “proprietary blends,” the recipes may not be regulated.

The kratom blends offered by Gaia are inexpensive. So, there is not much risk money-wise if you want to try them.

There are their simple blends like the Red Dragon blend which mixes White Maeng Das and Red Maeng Das. There is also the Ganesh Maeng Das which is a blend of Red Maeng Das and Elephant.

Looking for something that could be a little stronger to satisfy the adventurer in you? Then you might want to try their famous Purple 8-in-1 blend. It contains the following strains:

  •    4 Maeng Das strains
  •    Elephant strains
  •    Red Bali strains
  •    Green Malay strains
  •    Bali Gold strains

Again, you should take precautions, especially with the dosage. Start low and slowly increase if you think you need a higher dose.

You can also purchase from Gaia kratom powders in various color strains. Their selection includes high-quality Maeng Da and Bali strains.

Who Should Purchase from Gaia Ethnobotanical?

If you are relatively new to kratom, Gaia kratom products would be perfect for you. You would not be intimidated because their kratom products and teas are affordable.

Their offerings of sample pack options in different sizes are appealing, even more so with their competitive prices.

Even if you have already been using kratom products, you will appreciate the option to choose strains for samplers as well.

So, go ahead and find out which strain works best for you. Enjoy the benefits of high-quality Gaia kratom products that are affordable, too! Kratom Vendor Review: Are They Legit?

If you are wondering if you should buy from the website:, please read this review. Is this vendor legit? Do they have any credibility? I am here to clarify these questions with my personal experience.

I have been purchasing kratom for many years and I have built this website to help inform users about the risks and benefits – especially when it comes to new less established vendors. Luckily, I have tested this vendor personally and can verify some things about their product quality and service.

First off, if you have stumbled across these guys or have placed an order with them and are concerned, there is not need to worry. But let’s go deeper and look at the overall features of this kratom vendor.

The Website

I found website to be very pleasant and easy to navigate. I found products easily and quickly and had no issues adding or removing items from the cart. Their website is not “in your face” and there are no annoying pop-ups or clickbait that always annoys shoppers.

I liked their website for the fact that it was to-the-point and easy to navigate. The website speed was not an issue either which was great.

I ended up buying two products from them: green maeng da and their red bali both in 1 kilo amounts. These two strains seem to be their most popular based on the website reviews and they are my own two personal strains.

The Checkout Process

Getting to the checkout was easy once I added the products to cart, I got redirected to the checkout page. Using my credit card was effortless and easy. After I paid for my order, I received my confirmation email that my order was received.

The results after placing my order

It took about 3 days to get my order here in South Carolina. The packaging quality was great and I was impressed to see this attention to detail from a smaller less known vendor. My favorite part about the packaging from The Golden Monk was they included a thick inner ziplock bag. I really don’t mind the fancy packaging in the aluminium foil bags/pouches but getting all the product out can be a hassle.

The Golden Monk went to the effort to put it in this inner bag. The other good thing about this is if the outer bag gets damaged, the product has an extra layer of protection. I have had issues twice now from other vendors who pack the products in the pouches where their product gets busted open when shipping – what a mess. Anyway, this is not an issue with this vendors product so I am happy about that.


I took 3.5 grams of their green maeng da. The effects were great and felt instantly after taking it on an empty stomach (with orange juice). No nausea or upset stomach. The product was of a fine grind like they advertise and it had a pungent fresh smell. Overall the product quality from is really up there. The effects lasted for a good 4 hours and as far as their green maeng da goes, I can say its quality.
I took 3 grams of their red bali before bed. I got my usual sleepy and calming effects I see with gaia. Their red bali is comparable to the red bali from gaia and I think I may even switch over to these guys or cycle the strains between golden monk and gaia. I really liked the golden monk’s bali over the maeng da but I prefer reds in general. Overall I am very very happy with their bali strain, but there maeng da is nothing to complain about either.

Would I shop here again?

I would certainly shop at again. Their prices are great and their service is as well. These guys may be new but don’t sweep them under the rug as they certainly have a good product and act like a bigger vendor. I plan to do a review soon about the newest vendors in 2018 and ill certainly put these guys at the top of the list. I hope you enjoyed my review guys and found it helpful. If you have any questions, use the contact form on the site and ill be happy to get back to you (sometimes I takes me a week or two though and I am on holidays for 3 weeks in Sept.)

What You Need to Know About Kratom Forums

What You Need to Know About Kratom Forums

Do you have questions about Kratom? Do you want to learn more about the herb and want more information? There are numerous forums, discussion boards and blogs online that can provide you with the information and help you are looking for. These online tools can easily answer any questions you may have on the subject of Kratom. There will also be articles published in the newspapers and magazines or on online blogs and some of this information may paint Kratom in a negative way. This negativity will likely not effect those who are using Kratom regularly and are already well informed on the subject. However, the negative information can effect those who are new to the herb and are simply looking for more information on Kratom, as they are still deciding whether or not to try it.

In order to avoid these kinds of problems, it is very important to read the experiences and information from people who have actually used Kratom. This way you know you are getting accurate facts on the topic, not just an outside opinion.

Beware of the Media

The media will commonly spread negative news about Kratom. They do so because it is their job to show both the positive and negative sides to each particular topic they are forecasting. However, many times the people expressing these facts will not be experienced on the topic of Kratom or have never actually tried the herb. They will simply be opinions that are not well researched. It is always better to listen to someone who is knowledgable on the subject of Kratom or who has actually experienced these positive or negative effects they are expressing.

Talk About your Personal Experience

It is encouraged that experienced Kratom users share their personal experience with beginners in places such as online discussion boards or forums. If you come across a negative story or report on Kratom, you may want to share your side of the story in the comments. It should also be noted that it is important to share actual real facts or references when sharing your opinion or experience with the herb. This can be very helpful to beginners looking for real experiences from knowledgable long term Kratom users.

Be Careful with the Terminology you Use

It is very important to be careful with the terminology you use when sharing your positive experience on online forums or blogs. For example, you should not refer to Kratom as a drug or Opioid. It is encouraged to use terms such as “herb” or “botanical” when referring to Kratom. It is because Kratom is being called a “drug” that it is given a bad name from some or looked at negatively in the eyes of society. Deterring from such words will also help keep others from developing a negative opinion from your story or experience.

Express the Facts

If you want to share a personal, positive, experience with the botanical Kratom it is better to focus on the facts only. This will help deter those from attacking your opinion on forums or questioning your accountability. Expressing opinions backed up by real references will help others when they are reading your opinion or experience.

It is not at all difficult to show and prove the positive effects of Kratom to the public, you just need to target the right forums where there is high traffic. This will help us spread the word to many people on just one blog or post in a forum. Together we can help express the positives of Kratom and keep out some unnecessary negative opinions.

Do You Feel That Kratom Isn’t Working Anymore? – What to Look For

Do You Feel That Kratom Isn’t Working Anymore? – What to Look For

Many of you might be having this question in your mind that “feel Kratom is not working for you or it is not working the way it used to work”. When you are facing this problem, if you are able to pay a little attention, then you will be able to know the reason behind it. When you are able to know the reason, then your problem is solved to some extent. You should then follow the remedy to avoid it and then you will be able to see the desired effects of Kratom on your body.

Check the strain of the powder

When you are buying Kratom, make sure that you are buying the right strain and the strain that you are regularly using. If you are changing it, then there are chances that the effect of the medicine also may vary on your body. Also, check if you have bought the herbal medicine from the same vendor and of the same brand. If there is any change in this, then you will definitely face a problem and it may not working well for you.

Check your dosage levels

It is very important to make sure that you are taking the required dose, for the medicine to work well. There are many people reduce the dose on a few days and there may be many reasons behind it. But when you do not take the required dose like every day, then you will be able to get the effect of the medicine like every day. So, check if you have altered your dose in the past few days, if yes, then the results will definitely vary.

Check if you are eating just before taking Kratom

There are many people who take medicine immediately after taking their meals. This is a very bad habit. You should never take medicine immediately, whether it is an alternate medication or prescription medicine. You should always take Kratom with an empty stomach so that the medicine can act well on your body. If you are not comfortable taking with an empty stomach, then you can take after eating something, but make sure that it is not immediately after your meal. Give a gap of at least half an hour or an hour between the meal and medicine.

Check your health condition

If you are taking Kratom when your health condition is not normal like when you are having fever or you did not have a proper sleep for few days, then this will affect the way the medicine is going to work on your body. Also, make sure that you are not taking Kratom with alcohol or other drinks. You should always take it in a normal way with water or any kind of juice, but no alcohol at all.

Taking care of these small points are going to help you in getting the best results from Kratom and they will work in a similar way every day.

Why is it important to stop Kratom from being banned?

Why is it important to stop Kratom from being banned?

Kratom, which is the buzz word nowadays in the Kratom herbal market, is getting more and more popular every day. This is basically a word that is derived from The Thai language. This magical herbal plant belongs to the Mitragyna Speciosa species which grows in the South East Asian countries. If you have not yet come across this magical word Kratom, then you should definitely read this article for information about what is Kratom and why should this herb not be banned. This can be one of the reasons why you are not aware of this plant. There are many places where this is banned or they are not allowed to sell in those countries.

How does this Kratom look like?

This is basically a tree which can be grown up to a height of 55 to 60 feet and the width of the tree is also really huge and that can be up to 15 or 18 feet. The leaves of the trees are dark green in color and the vein color generally differs. Initially, the vein color has been just red in color, but you also have a Green and White color veins of Kratom. You have yellow flowers of this tree and there will be seeds inside the flower. You get the maximum of 50 seeds in a flower and those seeds can be used for growing Kratom trees yourself.

Why was this tree banned in certain places?

This plant’s leaves were taken by the farmers or labors of those countries where this tree grows naturally. They take this to enhance their energy levels, just like many people who take coffee to stay energetic all day long. Initially, the government of Thailand has imposed an Act that the Kratom should not be used. Whoever uses will have to face the law, but this Act was never followed strictly by the people of Thailand. Now, this tree is not just seen in the South East Asian countries, but also can be grown by anyone who is interested in growing them. But you need to follow a set of strict instructions and only then you will be successful.

Why is it important to stop Kratom from being banned?

For any product that is banned for certain reasons the black market into the picture. You will still be able to access the banned product with the help of the black markets. But this is a huge loss to the people. The products from the black market are mostly not original and at the same time the price of Kratom is going to go high. So, if you are taking duplicate products, then you will have to face many problems. Especially if it is medicine, then you will have many health issues added up to your very normal life. So, it is important to save Kratom from being banned and it should remain legal. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of this medicine without any kind of problems.

Is Kratom a Legal High? – A Few Points on Kratom

Is Kratom a Legal High? – A Few Points on Kratom

If you have gone through the previous article “Here are a few points about Kratom which prove that it’s not a legal high drug”, then you must have got some idea that this herbal medicine Kratom is a legal high drug. But there will be at least a few who are still not convinced with this fact. So, here are a few more points that prove that Kratom is not a legal high drug and now you are going to trust me for sure. If you are still not convinced even after reading this article, then this shows that you have no idea about what the wonderful effects of Kratom are and how it should really be used.

Kratom used as a medicine

Many head shop owners try to sell this product telling that this is a recreational drug and many people trust this because this is available at the head shop. This is a medicine and is recommended by many doctors to treat many health issues. This is called as an alternative medicine. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of using this medicine.

Your family members must be using it

There are many people who are using this herbal medicine Kratom. Your parents or any of your adult family members must be already using this. If the adults are using, then definitely it is not a legal high drug. If it is a legal high drug, then they will not be using it in front of you at least. So, if your family members love the effects of Kratom or if they are recommending it to many others, then you can be assured that this is a safe medicine and you can also try it with the help of your family members or health experts.

Does not give the effect of a legal high drug

The effect that you get from this herbal medicine Kratom is not as high as a recreational drug and that is because it is not a recreational drug. If you are always following the right dose and using it only when required, then you will not get addicted to this herbal medicine. But other recreational drugs are not like this, you will easily get addicted to those drugs and life becomes really hard to quit them and using them also will give many side effects.

100 percent herbal and no side effects at all

Kratom has gained so much popularity, just because this medicine does not give any kind of side effects which are seen while using any kind of recreational drugs. You will just have the herbal Kratom leaves powder or extract form when you are consuming it. There are no extra chemicals used and when no harmful chemicals are mixed you will not have any kind of problems at all.

So, you can use Kratom with confidence and enjoy all the benefits of this amazing drug.